How To AirPlay On LG TV With iPhone: Streaming Made Simple

Imagine this: You’ve just captured an incredible moment on your iPhone – maybe it’s a stunning sunset, a hilarious pet video, or a memorable family gathering. You’re eager to share this experience on a bigger screen, but the thought of tangled cables and complex setups dampens your enthusiasm. How to AirPlay on LG TV with iPhone? This is a common frustration for many, where the simplicity of sharing content from your iPhone to your LG TV seems like a distant dream.

To AirPlay on an LG TV with an iPhone, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. On your iPhone, open an AirPlay-compatible app, tap the AirPlay icon, and select your LG TV. Enjoy streaming content wirelessly from your iPhone to your LG TV screen.

But what if there was a seamless, wireless way to bring your phone’s display to the grand stage of your LG TV? How to AirPlay on LG TV with iPhone? Enter AirPlay – a solution that promises to elevate your viewing experience without the hassle of wires or complicated procedures. With AirPlay, your cherished photos, videos, and even apps can effortlessly find their way onto your LG TV, transforming your living room into a hub of entertainment and memories.

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Understanding AirPlay Compatibility With LG TVs

Before diving into the world of wireless streaming, it’s crucial to ensure your LG TV is ready for the AirPlay experience. How to enable AirPlay on LG TV? Not all TVs are born equal in the realm of AirPlay compatibility, and knowing whether your LG TV makes the cut is the first step towards a seamless streaming journey.

  • Identifying Compatible LG TV Models: LG has been integrating AirPlay support in its TVs since 2018. If your LG TV is a 2018 model or newer, you’re likely in luck. These models come equipped with the necessary technology to communicate with your Apple devices. The list includes various series like OLED, QNED, and UHD, each offering a unique viewing experience enhanced by AirPlay’s capabilities.
  • Required Software Versions: Compatibility isn’t just about the hardware. Your LG TV needs to run on the right version of webOS, LG’s intuitive operating system. For AirPlay to work smoothly, LG TVs should be operating on webOS version 4.0 or higher. Similarly, your iPhone or iPad should be updated to at least iOS 12.4. Hence, these software prerequisites ensure that the AirPlay feature can function without hiccups, providing a stable and enjoyable streaming experience.
  • Checking Your TV’s Compatibility: To confirm if your LG TV supports AirPlay, you can visit the settings menu on your TV. Look for the ‘AirPlay and HomeKit‘ settings under the connection preferences. If your TV model supports AirPlay, you’ll find the options to enable and configure it here. Alternatively, LG’s official website and support pages offer a comprehensive list of AirPlay-compatible models, helping you verify your TV’s readiness for AirPlay.

Step-By-Step Guide To Enable AirPlay On LG Smart TV

Transforming your LG Smart TV into an AirPlay-ready device is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you’ll unlock a world where your iPhone’s content can effortlessly leap onto the bigger screen of your LG TV. Let’s walk through this journey, step by step.

  1. First things first, grab your LG TV remote and press the ‘Home’ button. Hence, this action will bring you to the main dashboard, a gateway to your TV’s numerous features. Here, you’ll find various options, but your focus should be on locating ‘AirPlay and HomeKit Settings.’ This is the control center for all things AirPlay.
  2. Upon entering the ‘AirPlay and Home Kit Settings,’ you’ll notice the option to enable AirPlay LG. Toggle this setting to ‘On.’
  3. In the AirPlay settings, you’ll find options for requiring a code for pairing. You can choose ‘First Time Only,’ ‘Every Time,’ or ‘Use Password Instead.’ Select the one that aligns with your security preferences. This step ensures that only you have the power to cast content to your TV.
  4. After adjusting these settings, your LG TV is now an AirPlay-friendly zone to setup AirPlay on LG TV. To confirm everything is set up correctly, try connecting your iPhone or iPad. Hence, if you encounter any issues, revisit the settings to ensure everything is configured correctly.
  5. With AirPlay enabled on your LG TV, the world of wireless streaming is at your fingertips. Whether it’s photos, videos, or your favorite streaming apps, you can now enjoy them on a larger, more immersive screen.

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How To AirPlay From iPhone/iPad To LG Smart TV?

AirPlaying from your iPhone or iPad to your LG Smart TV is like casting a magic spell, transforming your small screen into a grand display. How to AirPlay on LG TV with iPhone? Hence, here’s how you can make this tech wizardry happen in just a few steps:

  1. Ensure that your iPhone and your LG Smart TV are connected. This common network is the bridge that allows your devices to communicate with each other. Hence, without this connection, AirPlay simply can’t work its magic.
  2. On your iPhone or iPad, swipe to access the Control Center. This is your command center for quick settings and controls. Here, you’ll find the screen mirroring option, which is your gateway to AirPlay to LG TV
  3. Tap on LG Smart TV to select it as your AirPlay destination
  4. If you’ve set up a code for AirPlay on your LG TV (as recommended for security), you’ll now be prompted to enter it. Hence, this code ensures that only you can project content onto your TV, keeping your AirPlay experience secure.
  5. Once connected, your iPhone or iPad’s screen will appear on your LG TV. Now, anything you play on your device will be mirrored on the TV. Whether it’s a photo album, a YouTube video, or a streaming app, it all comes to life on the larger display.
  6. Your LG TV will return to its normal state, waiting for its next AirPlay adventure.

By following these steps, you’ve successfully bridged the gap between your handheld device and your LG TV, bringing a world of content to a bigger, more immersive platform. 

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AirPlaying From Mac To LG Smart TV

AirPlaying from a Mac to an LG Smart TV is a seamless way to enjoy your computer’s content on a larger screen. How to AirPlay on LG TV with iPhone? Here’s how you can mirror or stream content from your Mac to your LG TV using AirPlay.

  • Ensuring Compatibility And Connection: Before starting, make sure your Mac and LG Smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. This is essential for a smooth AirPlay experience. Also, ensure your Mac is updated to the latest macOS version to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Finding The AirPlay Icon: On your Mac, look for the AirPlay icon at the top of your screen. Hence, this icon is your direct link to enabling AirPlay. 
  • Connecting To Your LG Smart TV: Select your LG Smart TV from this list. If you’re using LG TV AirPlay for streaming specific content, like a video, you’ll usually find an AirPlay icon within the video player itself.
  • Mirroring Or Streaming: If you’re streaming from a compatible app or website, only the specific content will be shown on your TV, allowing you to continue using your Mac independently.
  • Adjusting The Display: Once connected, you may need to adjust the screen size or resolution for optimal viewing. Hence, this can be done from the ‘Displays’ settings on your Mac.
  • Disconnecting After Use: To stop AirPlaying, simply click the AirPlay icon again and choose ‘Turn AirPlay Off,’ or select a different option from the list. 

By following these steps, you can effortlessly share your Mac’s screen with your LG Smart TV. Whether it’s for work or leisure, AirPlay makes it easy to bring your digital experiences to a bigger stage.

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Troubleshooting Common AirPlay Issues

Even the smoothest technologies can hit a snag sometimes, and AirPlay is no exception. If you’re facing issues with AirPlay on your LG TV, don’t worry. Most problems have simple solutions. Hence, here’s how to troubleshoot common AirPlay issues to get back to enjoying your content seamlessly.

  • Verify Compatibility And Updates: Make sure your LG TV and Apple device are compatible with AirPlay and are running on the latest software versions. Hence, updating your devices can often resolve the problem.
  • Restart Devices: Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders. Turn off your LG TV and Apple device, then turn them back on. Hence, this can help clear any temporary glitches affecting AirPlay functionality.
  • Re-Enable AirPlay Settings: Go to the AirPlay settings on your LG TV and toggle the AirPlay option off and on again. 
  • Check AirPlay Security Settings: If you’ve set a password or access code for AirPlay on your LG TV, enter it. Hence, incorrect security settings can prevent a successful AirPlay connection.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can usually resolve most AirPlay issues and get back to enjoying your content on the big screen. Remember, most AirPlay problems are temporary and can be fixed with simple solutions.

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How can you AirPlay from the iPhone to your TV?

To AirPlay from your iPhone to your TV, ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Tap 'Screen Mirroring,' and follow any on-screen prompts to complete the connection.

How do I get AirPlay on my LG TV?

To enable AirPlay on your LG TV, press the Home button. Go to 'All Settings,' then 'Connection,' and choose 'AirPlay.' Turn on AirPlay and follow any additional setup instructions displayed on your TV screen.

Can you AirPlay from iPhone to TV without Apple TV?

Yes, you can AirPlay from an iPhone to a TV without an Apple TV if your TV supports AirPlay 2. Check your TV's specifications or settings for AirPlay compatibility.

How do I add AirPlay to my TV?

To add AirPlay to a TV that doesn't natively support it, you can use an external device like an Apple TV. Connect the Apple TV via HDMI, set it up, and ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network for AirPlay to work.

Can AirPlay work on any TV?

AirPlay can work on any TV that supports AirPlay 2. For TVs that don't have built-in AirPlay 2 support, using an external device like Apple TV is necessary. Check your TV's specifications or use an Apple TV or similar device to enable AirPlay functionality.


In wrapping up, AirPlay’s integration with LG Smart TVs marks a significant leap in home entertainment, bridging the gap between your Apple devices and your television. How to AirPlay on LG TV with iPhone? This technology not only simplifies the process of sharing content but also enriches the way we experience our favorite media. Whether it’s streaming a cherished movie, mirroring a game, or sharing photos with family and friends, AirPlay on LG TV transforms your living room into a dynamic and interactive entertainment hub.

As we’ve navigated through the setup, usage, and troubleshooting of AirPlay, it’s clear that this feature is more than just a convenience. Hence, it’s a game-changer in personal and home entertainment. So, embrace this technology and let your LG Smart TV and Apple devices take your viewing experience to new heights.

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