Amazon Fire TV Stick Is Not Booting? Troubleshoot & Fix It Quickly

An Amazon Fire TV Stick can be a convenient tool for streaming movies and shows.  Hence, it can be a real hassle if a device like this doesn’t boot. The Amazon Fire TV Stick may repeatedly show a “no signal” dialogue box, or sometimes the screen doesn’t move past the Amazon logo screen. Additionally, there is a problem of amazon fire tv stick is not booting. However, resolving this may take hours or even days if you don’t know its cause or try to solve it incorrectly. Situations like this can exhaust your already weary mind that wants to calm down by streaming something.

amazon fire stick (fix amazon fire tv stick is not booting)

Amazon Fire Tv Stick Is Not Booting

Don’t worry. If you have faced any of the issues above or are facing them now, you are just at the right place. We will show you exactly how to deal with an Amazon Fire TV Stick that won’t boot.

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Check If The TV Is The Problem

You may have the impression that there’s something wrong with your Amazon Fire TV Stick when your TV is acting up. You can quickly check if you have another TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. In case your Amazon Fire TV Stick can take you past the Amazon logo screen of another TV, your Amazon Fire TV Stick is just fine, and you should check with customer service for any compatibility problems of the previous TV. And if another Amazon Fire TV Stick can navigate through your TV, then your last stick was the problem!

amazon firestick on tv

Suppose you don’t have other devices to alternate with. We have got you covered too. You can try unplugging your TV and let it be for about a minute. If your Amazon Fire TV Stick works fine after replugging the TV, the TV had an issue, and it’s solved. If not, read on, and the upcoming methods may do it for you.

Give FireTV Stick Some Time

Sometimes the booting process of the Amazon FIRE TV Stick gets slower due to some unavoidable technical reasons. In such a situation, you shouldn’t panic but give your remote and TV some time.

give firestick some time (fix amazon fire tv stick is not booting)

Leave the stuck Amazon logo TV screen like that for 30 minutes, and your device may start in that time. However, if the booting process is still incomplete, we have other troubleshooting rituals to try. They are stated just below.

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Power The Device

A lack of power can disrupt the proper functioning of any device. The Amazon Fire TV Stick may have frozen on the Amazon logo screen while booting or may not boot at all. Because it has low electric power, you should plug it into a power source and wait it out.

power the device

If it is already plugged in, check whether the adapter is tightly connected or not. If low power is the problem, this will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Reset The Device

 The Amazon Fire TV Stick may contain corrupt files or applications, which may be the exact cause of your device’s inability to boot correctly. To ease this problem, you should try factory resetting your device completely.

reset the device (fix amazon fire tv stick is not booting)

To do so, press your remote’s right and back buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds. This is how you can factory reset your Amazon Fire TV Stick and continue streaming shows endlessly.

Switch The HDMI Ports

HDMI ports might be the reason why your Amazon Fire TV Stick was having trouble all along. You can start solving the issue by checking whether you can use the extender cable provided with your Amazon Fire TV Stick with your TV or PC’s HDMI port or not.

People frequently use HDMI ports to connect to several devices simultaneously. Which is of no help and leads to adversities like interference and disruption of the individual instruments.

switch hdmi ports

If this is the case, you should unplug all other devices from that same HDMI port, since interruptions from such a large number of devices might have caused your Amazon Fire TV Stick to stop booting.

If you use HDMI splitters or HDMI hubs to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to the TV, go for connecting the two devices directly through an HDMI port. Some HDMI hubs or HDMI splitters have reportedly affected the power supply for devices connected to them.

Unplug The Device

Undercharging your device is a big concern, and so is overcharging because it can overheat your Amazon Fire TV Stick which can bring about the breakdown of your remote. Hence, it is advised to refresh your device by unplugging your Amazon Fire TV Stick from the power outlet. Leaving it in this state for 30 minutes before plugging it again should solve the problem that caused your TV screen to show the Amazon logo.

unplug the device (fix amazon fire tv stick is not booting)

Note: Ensure that the wires are at a safe distance from other devices while plugging the FireStick. And there is a free and open space. This will help in reducing the overheating issue.


We are pretty sure that any of the six methods above came in handy. And they save you from the frustration of an Amazon Fire TV Stick not booting.  Now you can successfully get back to watching while enjoying the best features of your Amazon Fire TV Stick. And in some rare cases, it didn’t cure your problem; you can always contact Amazon Support Team to deal with grave technical issues.

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