How To Remove SOS Feature From Your iPhone: A Simple Tutorial

Ever found yourself in a mathematical conversation or needing to jot down some quick calculations on your iPhone, only to hit a roadblock – the elusive square root symbol? It’s a common frustration, almost like trying to solve an equation without all the variables. You’re not alone in this; many iPhone users face this seemingly small yet significant hurdle daily. How to remove SOS from iPhone? The square root symbol, a vital tool for students, professionals, and math enthusiasts, remains hidden in the maze of the iPhone’s keyboard. 

To remove SOS from your iPhone, go to ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Emergency SOS,’ and then toggle off ‘Call with Side Button.’ This disables the SOS feature activated by pressing the side button.

But what if we told you that this problem has not just one, but several simple solutions? How to remove SOS from iPhone? In this article, we’re diving into the world of iPhone typing hacks to uncover easy, efficient ways to type the square root symbol. Say goodbye to your symbol sorrows and hello to seamless typing! If you’re also looking for other iPhone tips, like how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone, our guide has got you covered.

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Disabling SOS On iPhone

Disabling the SOS feature on your iPhone can be crucial if you find yourself accidentally triggering emergency calls. How to turn off SOS on iPhone? Let’s dive into the steps to ensure you have control over these emergency settings and remove SOS from your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings: Start by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Navigate To Emergency SOS: Scroll down and select ‘Emergency SOS.’ This section houses all the settings related to emergency procedures.
  3. Adjust SOS Settings: Here, you’ll find two options: ‘Call with Side Button’ (or ‘Call with Hold’ on some models) and ‘Call with 3 Presses.’ By default, these are usually turned on. Toggle them off to prevent accidental emergency calls and iPhone SOS mode turn off

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Removing Emergency Contacts On iPhone

Removing emergency contacts from your iPhone is a straightforward process, especially if your circumstances or relationships change. Here’s how you can update your emergency contacts through the Health app, ensuring that only the most relevant contacts are alerted in case of an emergency. How to remove SOS from iPhone? For more details on managing your iPhone settings, see our guide on how to type Greek letters on iPhone.

  1. Opening The Health App: Begin by tapping the ‘Health’ app on your iPhone. This app usually has a heart on a white background and comes pre-installed on all iPhones.
  2. Navigating To Your Medical ID: Once in the Health app, look for the ‘Medical ID’ tab. This is usually found at the bottom right of the screen. Tap on it to access your Medical ID information.
  3. Editing Emergency Contacts: In the Medical ID section, you’ll find all the details you’ve previously entered, including your emergency contacts. Look for the ‘Edit’ button, usually located in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it to modify your Medical ID.
  4. Removing Contacts: Under the ‘Emergency Contacts’ section, you’ll see a list of your current emergency contacts. Next to each contact, there’s a red minus sign or ‘Delete’ button. Tap on this to remove a contact. You’ll be asked to confirm this action.
  5. Saving Changes: After removing the desired contacts, ensure you tap ‘Done’ to save your changes. This step is crucial as it updates your Medical ID with the new information.

Remember, the emergency contacts in your Medical ID are those who will be notified in case of a medical emergency, so it’s important to keep this list current and remove SOS from your iPhone.

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Disabling Satellite SOS On iPhone 14 Or Higher 

Satellite SOS is a groundbreaking feature introduced in the iPhone 14 and later models, designed to provide emergency assistance in areas without cellular coverage. How to turn off SOS? For comprehensive steps on how to disable various features on your iPhone, including the SOS function, check out our article on how to charge a disposable vape with an iPhone charger

How to remove SOS from iPhone? However, there might be situations where you prefer to disable this feature, particularly to maintain privacy or prevent accidental activation.

  1. Understanding Satellite SOS: Before disabling, it’s important to understand the purpose of Satellite SOS. It’s a lifeline in true emergencies when you’re outside cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. Disabling it means you won’t be able to use this feature in such scenarios.
  2. Opening Settings: To begin disabling, tap on the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. This is your gateway to all the configuration options for your device.
  3. Navigating To Privacy Settings: In ‘Settings,’ scroll to find ‘Privacy.’ This section controls what data your iPhone and your apps can access.
  4. Accessing Location Services: Within ‘Privacy,’ tap on ‘Location Services.’ Here, you manage how apps and system services use your location information.
  5. Adjusting System Services: Scroll down to ‘System Services’ and look for ‘Emergency Calls & SOS.‘ This is where the Satellite SOS feature settings reside.
  6. Disabling Satellite SOS: Tap on ‘Emergency Calls & SOS’ and toggle off ‘Satellite Connections.’ This action will disable the Satellite SOS feature, preventing your iPhone from using satellite connectivity for emergency communications.

How to get rid of SOS only on iPhone? Remember, by turning off Satellite SOS, you’re opting out of an additional safety net provided by Apple, especially useful in remote locations. 

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Understanding The Impact Of Disabling SOS

Disabling the SOS feature on your iPhone can have significant implications, especially in emergency situations. This feature is designed as a quick and easy way to contact emergency services, and turning it off means losing a potentially life-saving tool. 

However, there are circumstances where modifying or disabling SOS could be necessary. For instance, if you frequently encounter false alarms due to the way you handle or store your phone, adjusting the settings could prevent unnecessary emergency calls and turn off SOS on iPhone

It’s crucial to weigh the benefits of immediate emergency access against the likelihood of accidental triggers. However, if you decide to disable or modify the SOS settings, ensure you have alternative methods to reach out for help in emergencies. For more insights on iPhone functionalities, you might find our article on how to mirror iPhone to PS5 useful. Perhaps keep emergency numbers in an easily accessible place or inform close contacts about your decision. Remember, safety should always be a priority, and the SOS feature is a key part of your iPhone’s safety toolkit. Hence, it can remove SOS from your iPhone.


How do I turn off emergency SOS on my iPhone?

To turn off Emergency SOS on your iPhone, go to 'Settings,' select 'Emergency SOS,' and then toggle off 'Call with Side Button' and 'Auto Call.'

What happens when you accidentally call SOS on iPhone?

If you accidentally call SOS on your iPhone, it will start a countdown and then call emergency services. You can cancel the call if you act before the countdown ends.

Can you remove the emergency call from the lock screen on iPhone?

You cannot remove the Emergency Call option from the iPhone's lock screen, as it's a built-in safety feature.

Why does my iPhone keep calling SOS?

Your iPhone might keep calling SOS if the 'Call with Side Button' feature is accidentally activated, often by pressing the side button multiple times or holding it down with the volume button.

How do I stop my iPhone from automatically calling 911?

To stop your iPhone from automatically calling 911, go to 'Settings,' select 'Emergency SOS,' and toggle off 'Auto Call.'


In summary, we’ve navigated through various methods to remove or adjust the SOS settings on an iPhone. From disabling the immediate call function to managing emergency contacts and even turning off advanced features like Satellite SOS on newer models. It’s important to remember that these settings are there for your safety and convenience. Tailoring them to your personal needs and lifestyle is key. 

How to remove SOS from iPhone? Whether you choose to keep them active, modify, or disable certain aspects, ensure that your decision aligns with your safety preferences and daily routines. However, your iPhone is a powerful tool, and configuring its features to best suit your life can provide both peace of mind and practicality.

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