How To Type The Square Root Symbol On iPhone: A Quick Guide

Picture this: You’re working on something important, a task that requires precise calculations, and suddenly you hit a roadblock – the need to type a square root symbol on your iPhone. How to type square root on iPhone? It seems like a small detail, but in a world where every second counts, this tiny hitch can feel like a wrench in the works. This symbol, elusive on the standard iPhone keyboard, can be the key to unlocking your workflow. 

To type the square root symbol on an iPhone, open the keyboard in any app and switch to the numeric keypad by tapping ‘123’. Then, tap ‘#+=’ to access more symbols. The square root symbol (√) will be available there. Hence, tap it to insert the symbol into your text, streamlining your mathematical expressions or notes.

But fear not! The solution is closer and more straightforward than you think. How to type square root on iPhone? Let’s quickly dive into a hassle-free method, turning your frustration into accomplishment.

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Using iPhone Calculator For Square Root Function 

Using the iPhone calculator for tasks beyond basic arithmetic might seem daunting at first, but it’s surprisingly straightforward once you know your way around. A common function that often puzzles users is finding the square root. Hence, for more detailed steps on using your iPhone for various functions, check out this guide on how to type Greek letters on iPhone

Firstly, locate the Calculator app on your iPhone. It’s a standard app, so you should find it on your home screen or in your app library. Tap to open it. By default, the calculator appears in portrait mode, offering basic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, the square root on iPhone function is hidden in this view.

To access more advanced functions, including the square root, you need to switch to landscape mode. Hence, this requires enabling screen rotation on your iPhone. Swipe down to access the Control Center. Here, look for the lock icon with a circular arrow around it. If it’s highlighted, tap it to turn off the rotation lock.

Now, rotate your iPhone to a horizontal position. The calculator display should shift, revealing many additional functions. Among these, you’ll find the square root symbol (√). To calculate a square root, simply tap this symbol, enter your number, and voila! The calculator will display the square root of the entered number with square root button on iPhone.

Typing Square Root Symbol In Texts

Typing the square root symbol in texts is a bit tricky since this symbol isn’t readily available on the keyboard with square root sign on iPhone. How to type square root on iPhone? However, there are a couple of efficient methods to do this: 

Method 1: Copy And Paste

Here are the steps for this steps:

  1. Finding The Square Root Symbol: Open Safari or any other browser on your iPhone. In the search bar, type “square root symbol” and search. You’ll find several websites in the search results that display this symbol (√). Hence, for similar useful tips, you can explore how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone
  2. Copying The Symbol: Once you’ve found the square root symbol on a webpage, press and hold your finger on the symbol until a menu pops up. Tap ‘Copy’ to copy the symbol to your clipboard with square root symbol on iPhone.
  3. Pasting The Symbol In Texts: Now, go to the app where you want to use the symbol. Hence, it could be Messages, Notes, Email, or any other app that allows text input. Tap ‘Paste,’ and the square root symbol you copied will appear in your text.

Method 2: Text Replacement Feature

How to type square root on iPhone? Here are the steps for this steps:

  1. Accessing Text Replacement Settings: Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on ‘General,’ then select ‘Keyboard,’ and tap on ‘Text Replacement.’ For more keyboard customization tips, read about how to add Greek alphabet to iPhone
  2. Creating A New Shortcut: Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner to create a new text replacement. In the ‘Phrase’ field, paste or type the square root symbol (√). You can get the symbol from the web as explained in Method 1.
  3. Setting A Shortcut Phrase: In the ‘Shortcut’ field, enter a phrase or a series of characters that will be easy for you to remember and unlikely to be part of your regular typing. For instance, you could use ‘sqrt’ or ‘sr’.
  4. Using The Shortcut: Now, whenever you type your chosen shortcut phrase in any text field on your iPhone, it will automatically suggest or replace it with the square root symbol. This method is particularly useful if you frequently need to use the symbol.

How to do square root on iPhone? By using either of these methods, you can seamlessly incorporate the square root symbol into your texts on an iPhone, enhancing your mathematical expression or note-taking without any hassle.

Using Third-Party Keyboard Applications

Third-party keyboard applications can be a game-changer for iPhone users who frequently deal with mathematical symbols, including the elusive square root symbol. These apps expand the capabilities of the standard iPhone keyboard, offering a wide range of additional characters and symbols. For more on enhancing your iPhone’s capabilities, consider reading about how to mirror iPhone to PS5. 

  1. Exploring The App Store: Start by opening the App Store on your iPhone. Hence, tap on the search icon and type in keywords like “math keyboard” or “extended keyboard.” 
  2. Choosing The Right App: Look through the options, paying attention to user reviews and ratings to ensure you select a reliable and user-friendly keyboard app. Some popular choices might include apps like MathBoard or SciKey.
  3. Downloading And Installing: Once you’ve selected an app, tap ‘Get’ to download and install it. Now, enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID/Face ID for confirmation.

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How do you type a square root symbol on an iPhone?

To type a square root symbol on an iPhone, rotate your device to landscape mode in the Calculator app to access the symbol, use the copy and paste method from a web search, set up a text replacement in Settings, or use a third-party keyboard app.

Can you insert symbols in iPhone text?

Yes, you can insert symbols in iPhone text. Use the built-in emoji keyboard, copy and paste symbols from the web, or use third-party keyboard apps for a wider range of symbols, including mathematical and special characters.

How do you type special characters on an iPhone?

To type special characters on an iPhone, long-press keys on the default keyboard to find variations, use the emoji keyboard for symbols, or install a third-party keyboard app for an extensive range of special characters.

Is there a square root symbol in Word?

Yes, there is a square root symbol in Word. You can find it by going to the 'Insert' tab, clicking on 'Symbol,' and choosing the square root symbol from the list or using the shortcut Alt+251.

How do you type a square root symbol on a keyboard?

To type a square root symbol on a keyboard, use the Alt code and type 251 on the numeric keypad. On a Mac, press Option+V. For iPhones, use landscape mode in the Calculator app, text replacement, or third-party keyboards.


In conclusion, we’ve explored several effective methods for typing the square root symbol on an iPhone. Whether you choose the simplicity of the copy and paste method, the convenience of setting up a text replacement shortcut, or the versatility of a third-party keyboard application, each approach has its unique advantages

How to type square root on iPhone? Depending on your frequency of use and personal preference, you can select the method that aligns best with your needs. Remember, technology is here to make life easier, so don’t hesitate to utilize these tips to streamline your typing experience. Hence, especially when it comes to incorporating special characters like the square root symbol in your daily iPhone usage.

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