How To Get The True Religion Symbol On iPhone: Symbols Unlocked

In today’s digital age, expressing oneself through symbols and emojis has become more than just a trend—it’s a language of its own. Ever stumbled upon that chic horseshoe symbol on someone’s Instagram bio or Snapchat name and felt a pang of FOMO? How to get the true religion symbol on iPhone? That’s the coveted True Religion symbol, a blend of style and statement on iPhone

To get the True Religion symbol on iPhone, access the emoji keyboard, search for the “ひ” character, and select it. Alternatively, copy it from a reliable source and paste it where desired.

But here’s the catch: while many flaunt it, few know how to get it, especially on an iPhone. How to get the true religion symbol on iPhone? Feeling that itch of not being in the loop? Don’t worry; we’ve got the salve.

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History And Meaning Of The True Religion Symbol

In the vast world of fashion, few symbols have captured attention quite like the True Religion horseshoe. But what’s the story behind this iconic emblem?

  • Origins Of The Symbol: The True Religion brand burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, but its horseshoe symbol wasn’t just a random design choice. This emblem, resembling a horseshoe, was chosen for its association with good luck. It’s a universal sign of fortune, and in the context of True Religion, it became synonymous with quality and trendsetting style. Origins of the symbol
  • The Horseshoe’s Deeper Meaning: James, an influencer in the brand’s early days, explained the horseshoe sign as a representation of genuine faith—a devotion to God and a concern for others. This faith, he emphasized, should be accompanied by a rejection of worldly temptations. While this might sound simplistic to some, the power of the symbol lies in its simplicity. It’s a call to authenticity in a world often dominated by facades of true religion symbol.
  • Transition To Modern Day: Over the years, the True Religion logo has seen variations in color, from red to dark blue. Yet, its core—the black emblem on a white background—remains unchanged.

In essence, the True Religion horseshoe is more than just a logo. It’s a symbol of faith, authenticity, and a nod to the timeless quest for genuine style.

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How To Use The True Religion Symbol On iPhone?

In our digital age, where emojis and symbols are the new alphabets, the True Religion horseshoe symbol stands out as a stylish emblem. But how do you get this chic icon on your iPhone? How to get the true religion symbol on iPhone? Let’s dive in.

  • Accessing The Emoji Keyboard: First things first. The iPhone’s built-in emoji keyboard is a treasure trove of symbols, and it’s your first stop. To access it, simply tap the smiley face or globe icon next to the space bar when typing. This opens up a world of emojis, but the True Religion symbol isn’t your everyday emoji. accessing the emoji keyboard
  • Finding The True Religion Symbol: The symbol you’re looking for is “ひ”. It might not be immediately obvious, so you might need to do a bit of scrolling. But once you spot it, it’s hard to forget. Tap on it, and voila! The symbol is now part of your text.
  • Shortcut: Copy And Paste: If scrolling through the emoji keyboard feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, there’s a quicker way. Find a reliable source online that has the “ひ” symbol, tap and hold on it, then select “Copy.” Now, go back to where you want to use it, tap and hold again, and select “Paste.” It’s that simple!
  • Making It A Favorite: If you find yourself using the true religion emoji frequently, why not make it easily accessible? Some third-party keyboard apps allow you to create shortcuts or favorites, ensuring the symbol is always just a tap away.

The True Religion symbol, with its blend of style and cultural significance, is a must-have for the fashion-forward iPhone user. And now that you know how to get it on your device, you’re all set to flaunt it on social media, in texts, and wherever else you see fit. After all, in the world of digital communication, symbols speak louder than words.

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True Religion Logo Evolution

The journey of the True Religion brand is as intriguing as its iconic logo. Over the years, the logo has undergone transformations, each echoing the brand’s evolution and its commitment to authenticity.

  • The Buddha Beginnings: In its nascent stages, True Religion adopted the Buddha symbol. This choice was not just a nod to spirituality but also a reflection of the brand’s quest for authenticity and enlightenment in the fashion realm. The Buddha, with its serene and timeless appeal, perfectly encapsulated the brand’s ethos.
  • The Shift To The Horseshoe: However, as the brand grew, there was a shift. The Buddha symbol gracefully made way for a simpler, yet equally impactful, horseshoe logo. This wasn’t just a random switch as true religion symbol copy and paste. The horseshoe, often associated with luck and prosperity, resonated with the brand’s aspiration to be a harbinger of good fortune in fashion. The team, in a statement on its official Facebook account, mentioned that the horseshoe logo was “inspired by the Buddha’s smile.” the shift to the horseshoe
  • Consistency In Color Palette: While the symbol itself underwent a transformation, the color palette remained consistent. The logo, predominantly presented in red and dark blue in its early days, eventually settled on the classic black emblem on a white background, symbolizing the brand’s timeless appeal.

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Understanding The True Religion Brand

Dive deep into the world of denim, and you’ll find True Religion standing tall, not just as a brand but as a philosophy. How to get the true religion symbol on iPhone? But what’s the essence that drives this iconic label?

  • A Name With Depth: The very name “True Religion” is a statement. It’s not about dogma or doctrine but a universal truth. The brand’s founder, often described as a self-proclaimed hippie, toyed with names ranging from “Cost of Freedom” to “Popular Uprising” before settling on true religion logo copy and paste. The underlying message? While the world is diverse with myriad beliefs, at our core, we all belong to the same universal faith. And in the world of fashion, that faith is expressed through the universal appeal of blue jeans.
  • Beyond Just Denim: True Religion isn’t just about jeans. It’s about authenticity, quality, and a commitment to craftsmanship. beyond just denimIt’s about challenging conventions, from the design of the jeans to the stitching that holds them together.

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Other Symbols Similar To The True Religion Horseshoe 

Symbols have always been a powerful medium of expression, transcending languages and cultures. The True Religion horseshoe, with its distinct charm, is no exception. But are there other symbols that echo a similar vibe? Let’s explore.

  • The Omega Sign: One symbol that bears a resemblance to the True Religion horseshoe is the omega sign. Predominantly known as the last letter of the Greek alphabet, its shape is reminiscent of the horseshoe. On platforms like Instagram, the omega sign has found its place, often used to represent a sense of completion or finality. the omega sign
  • The Horseshoe Itself: Beyond brand logos, the horseshoe is a universal symbol of luck and protection. Historically, it’s been hung over doorways and bring good fortune to a household.
  • The U Symbol: In the International Phonetic Alphabet, there’s a symbol that looks like a horseshoe, known as the “bucket” or “upsilon.” It represents a near-close near-back rounded vowel, adding linguistic flair to true religion icon emoji list.


How to use a true religion sign on iPhone?

It's straightforward to use the emoji as it's available on your phone. Simply click on the emoji section on the keyboard of your device and search for the true sign to use it wherever you want.

What does the true religion Horseshoe mean?

The horseshoe logo was inspired by the Buddha’s smile. Initially, the brand used a Buddha symbol, but it transitioned to the simpler horseshoe logo, retaining its original significance.

Why is True Religion called True Religion?

The name signifies that while there are numerous faiths globally, everyone belongs to the same universal religion.

What is the symbol that is like a horseshoe?

The symbol resembling a horseshoe is the letter Ʊ, also known as the bucket or upsilon in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

How did True Religion start?

True Religion made its debut in the Los Angeles denim scene in 2002, revolutionizing the five-pocket jean. The brand's designs were so unique that conventional sewing machines couldn't handle them, leading to innovative manufacturing methods.


In the vast tapestry of symbols that adorn our digital and physical worlds, the True Religion horseshoe has carved a niche for itself. It’s not just a logo; it’s a testament to the brand’s journey, its commitment to authenticity, and its place in the fashion zeitgeist. As we’ve explored, symbols like the horseshoe carry weight, history, and meaning, transcending their visual appeal.

From the Buddha beginnings to the iconic horseshoe, from the depths of the brand’s philosophy to symbols that echo its essence, the True Religion narrative is rich and resonant. How to get the true religion symbol on iPhone? In a world where trends come and go, it’s heartening to see symbols like the True Religion horseshoe stand tall, reminding us of the timeless allure of authenticity and style. Here’s to embracing symbols that speak to our souls and to the stories they tell.

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