Can’t Sign Into Xbox live 0x87dd0006 Fix It Here

In this article, we will discuss some fixes for can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006. Please read our article to know more about it. There is a famous saying, “Life is more fun if you play games.” Yes, indeed. People are very much fond of playing games. Do we often think about what is in playing games? But playing games has a handful of benefits. In those days, we had enough opportunities to play. We prefer playing physical games like football, basketball, etc.


In recent days, we don’t have ample time to spend playing on the ground due to our busy lifestyle. 

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We cannot gather people as they are busy with their kinds of stuff. In such cases, people have started to play their games which are nothing but video games. Video games are played electronically interfacing with a television or a computer screen. A device that is specialized for playing video games is called a console. There are different types of consoles for different kinds of games.

Most people have an idea as playing video games is harmful to health. We cannot conclude this blindly. A coin has two sides. Similarly, there are many benefits to playing video games for both kids and adults. There are three main benefits of playing video games listed below.


  1. It stimulates the brain.
  2. Equips you as an excellent problem-solver
  3. It relieves you from stress

Can’t Sign In To Xbox live 0x87dd0006

There are several other benefits of playing video games. It includes video games that are used as a therapy for people with stroke. Playing video games regularly helps increase your brain’s grey matter, improves your social skills, enables you to be active physically, improves your mental health and vision, and makes you more persistent.error

Now let us move into an interesting type of video game which is nothing but Xbox. Microsoft introduced a branding game called Xbox. It has many consoles with several games and a development arm called Xbox Game studios. It can be connected to the home computer or a television. The consoles include Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc. It has made a strong footprint on the online gaming platform and has become a huge competitor against several other gaming consoles. It has also gained support from the online community.


Since it is a technology, there are chances for errors to occur. Even though Xbox provides you with loads of games, they are often interrupted by some generic errors. The most common mistake in Xbox is that you can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006. It is mainly caused due to improper billing information, network issues, and corruption in profile which causes problems can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006. Since it is not a complicated error, you need not worry at all.

Things To Do To Fix Can’t Sign In To Xbox live 0x87dd0006

To fix can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006 error, you can follow these steps.

Method 1 Revise Your Billing Information

The most common cause of you can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006  is your incorrect billing information when your payments are not made correctly. Hence it is necessary to make sure whether your billing information is correct.

billing info

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Move to the Payment and Billing section and select Billing Info.
  3. In billing info, select Edit profile.
  4. Follow the given instructions to rectify your billing information.

Method 2  Can’t Sign In To Xbox live 0x87dd0006 Then Unplug Your Ethernet

  1. Unplug your Ethernet cable.
  2. Try to log in a few times with your cable disconnected.unplug
  3. Connect your Ethernet cable again.
  4. Try to log in again.

Method 3 Delete Your Profile

The corruption in the profile may also lead to signing in error. When your profile is corrupt, you can delete it and then download it again. Since it can be re-download, you need not worry about it. The steps to delete your profile are as follows. And can resolve Can’t Sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006 error.

  1. Select Xbox to open the guide on your controller.
  2. Navigate to System and then select Settings.settings
  3. Move to Accounts and then choose Remove Accounts.
  4. To remove a particular account, select the account you want to remove and click Remove.

Now the account is remove, you can add the account again by doing the following. 

  1. Select Xbox to open the guide.
  2. Select your avatar and select Add new.laptop
  3. Enter your details to log in.
  4. Click Agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Then follow the given instructions to manage your account.

Method 4 Can’t Sign In To Xbox live 0x87dd0006 Then Sign In To Different Account

This Can’t Sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006 error can also be fixed by signing in to another account.

sign in

logging out, and signing in to your account. This is a simple and effective way of fixing your error.

Method 5 Restart Your Modem

The error may also occur due to improper network configuration. To rectify this, you can restart your router or modem. 

  1. Switch off your Xbox.
  2. Power off your modem.


    1. Wait for a while, and then power on your modem.
    2. Switch on your Xbox.


    These are some of the rectification methods that worked out well. Using any of these methods, you can fix the can’t sign into Xbox live 0x87dd0006. We would be glad if you could share which method worked to fix the error? If you have found some other effective ways of solving it, you can feel free to share them with us. 

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