How To Make Your Own Bitmoji Sticker On iPhone: Creative Guide

In a digital world brimming with generic emojis and impersonal text messages, the quest for a more personalized, expressive way to communicate is more pressing than ever. Picture this: you’re trying to convey your unique reaction or emotion in a chat, but the standard emojis just don’t cut it. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? However, they’re too generic, too impersonal. Hence, this isn’t just a minor annoyance; it’s a barrier to truly expressive digital communication. 

To make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone, first, download and set up the Bitmoji app from the App Store. Create your avatar by choosing physical features, clothing, and accessories. Then, in a messaging app, tap the Bitmoji keyboard to access and send your personalized Bitmoji stickers.

But what if you could break through this barrier? Imagine creating your own custom emoji, a Bitmoji sticker, that captures your essence, your style, your emotion. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? However, this isn’t a distant dream, but a tangible, creative reality we’re about to dive into.

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Setting The Foundation: Creating Your Bitmoji

Begin by downloading the Bitmoji app from the App Store. Once installed, open the app to embark on a journey of creative expression. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? This is where your personalized emoji starts to take shape.

  • Choose Your Canvas: Start with the basics – select your avatar’s skin tone. Hence, this is the foundation of your Bitmoji, setting the stage for further customization.
  • Hair Today, Emojis Tomorrow: Next, dive into selecting the hair color and style. Whether you’re a brunette, blonde, or rocking rainbow colors, there’s a style for every look.
  • Facial Features – The Finer Details: Now, focus on the facial features. Choose eye shapes, nose types, and mouth styles that resonate with your look. Remember, each feature adds character to your Bitmoji.

How to make custom Bitmoji text? Personalizing your Bitmoji isn’t just about replicating your appearance; it’s about injecting your personality into a digital form. This avatar becomes your representative in the digital world – a unique emblem of your identity. So, let your creativity flow and enjoy the process of bringing your digital self to life.

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Adding Bitmoji To Your iPhone’s Keyboard

How to customize Bitmoji text on iPhone? To seamlessly weave your Bitmoji into your daily chats, integrating it into your iPhone’s keyboard is key. 

  1. Open iPhone Settings: Begin by tapping the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate To Keyboard Settings: Scroll down and select ‘General’, then tap on ‘Keyboard’.
  3. Go To Keyboards: Here, you’ll find a list of all keyboards currently enabled on your iPhone. Tap on ‘Keyboards’ at the top to proceed.
  4. Add New Keyboard: In the Keyboards section, tap ‘Add New Keyboard…’ and scroll through the list until you find ‘Bitmoji’. Select it to add it to your keyboards.
  5. Grant Full Access: After adding, tap on ‘Bitmoji’ in the list of keyboards. Here, toggle on ‘Allow Full Access’. Hence, this step is crucial for the Bitmoji keyboard to function properly.

With these steps, the Bitmoji keyboard is now part of your iPhone’s keyboard suite. When typing a message, simply tap the globe icon to switch keyboards, and select the Bitmoji keyboard to access and share your personalized stickers. Hence, it’s a fun, expressive way to enhance your digital conversations. How to personalize Bitmoji? For more iPhone keyboard customizations, check out how to add Greek alphabet to iPhone.

Using The Bitmoji Keyboard For Sticker Creation

To bring your Bitmoji stickers into play, start by opening any messaging or social media app where you usually chat or post. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? This could be Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other platform you prefer.

  • Access The Keyboard: Tap on the text field in your chosen app to bring up the keyboard.
  • Switch To Bitmoji Keyboard: Tap the globe icon (or the emoji icon, depending on your settings) to switch keyboards. Select the Bitmoji keyboard from your options.
  • Explore Stickers: You’ll now see a collection of stickers featuring your avatar. Hence, these range from greetings and reactions to fun activities and moods.
  • Match Your Mood: Look for stickers that closely match your current emotion or reaction. Hence, the Bitmoji library is extensive, so there’s likely a sticker for every conceivable mood.
  • Context Matters: Consider the context of your conversation. How to make custom Bitmoji stickers? However, a playful sticker might be great for casual chats, but more subdued options might be appropriate for serious discussions.
  • Experiment: Don’t hesitate to try different stickers. Sometimes, a sticker can add a fun twist to the conversation or express something words can’t. For more creative ways to use your iPhone, learn how to make ASMR videos with iPhone.

Using the Bitmoji keyboard is all about adding a personal touch to your digital interactions. Hence, it’s a fun, engaging way to communicate that goes beyond traditional text messages.

Additional Creative Techniques For Bitmoji Stickers

Your Bitmoji journey doesn’t have to be confined to the basics. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? However, there’s a world of creative possibilities to explore that can elevate your Bitmoji experience.

  • Seasonal Updates: Change your Bitmoji’s outfit with the seasons or for special occasions. Hence, it’s a fun way to keep your avatar in sync with real-life you.
  • Accessory Additions: Experiment with different accessories. Glasses, hats, or even a new hairstyle can add a fresh twist to your avatar.
  • Scene Selection: Use Bitmoji scenes for storytelling. Whether it’s a beach background for summer or a cozy room for winter, these scenes add context to your stickers.
  • Social Media: Beyond messaging, use your Bitmoji in social media posts or as reactions in comments. Hence, they can add a personal touch to your online presence.
  • Email Signatures: For a more casual email, add a Bitmoji sticker to your signature. Hence, it’s a unique way to sign off.
  • Digital Invitations: Hosting an event? Use Bitmoji stickers in digital invitations to add a fun, personalized element. To further enhance your digital creativity, discover how to airplay to Vizio TV from iPhone.

How to make Bitmoji say what you want? Remember, the key to enjoying Bitmoji is to let your personality shine through. Whether it’s through fashion choices, scene settings, or the way you integrate your avatar into your digital life, your Bitmoji is an extension of you. So, get creative and have fun with it!

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How do I find specific themed stickers in Bitmoji, like wheelchair stickers?

In the Bitmoji app, use the search feature to find stickers with specific themes, such as wheelchair stickers, to reflect diverse experiences and expressions.

Can I create a Bitmoji that includes mobility aids?

Yes, Bitmoji offers options to include mobility aids in your avatar, allowing for a more inclusive and representative personal emoji.

Is it possible to search for Bitmoji stickers with specific themes or emotions?

Absolutely! Use the search function in the Bitmoji app to find stickers that match specific themes, emotions, or activities for more precise expression.

Can I update my Bitmoji's appearance and accessories regularly?

Yes, you can update your Bitmoji's appearance, including clothes and accessories, anytime to keep it in sync with your current style or mood.

Are there Bitmoji stickers that represent different physical abilities?

Bitmoji is inclusive, offering stickers that represent a range of physical abilities, ensuring everyone can find an avatar that resonates with their identity.


Creating and using custom Bitmoji stickers on your iPhone is more than just a tech-savvy move. Hence, it’s a step into the vibrant world of personalized digital expression. How to make your own Bitmoji sticker on iPhone? From downloading the Bitmoji app and crafting an avatar that mirrors your unique style, to integrating this personal touch into your daily digital conversations, each step is an exploration of your individuality.

  • Start With Creation: Begin by downloading the Bitmoji app, where you design an avatar that captures your essence.
  • Keyboard Integration: Seamlessly integrate your Bitmoji into your iPhone’s keyboard for easy access in any messaging app.
  • Express Freely: Use the Bitmoji keyboard to choose stickers that resonate with your mood and context, enhancing your messages with a personal touch.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Don’t limit yourself to messaging. So, use your Bitmoji across various digital platforms to add a fun, personal element to your online interactions.

We encourage you to dive into the delightful world of Bitmoji. Experiment with different looks, scenes, and stickers. Let your Bitmoji be an extension of your personality in the digital realm. It’s not just about sending a message. Hence, it’s about making your mark, one sticker at a time. So, go ahead, express yourself, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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