Adding Moon Phases To iPhone Calendar: A Simple Guide

In a world where every moment is scheduled and every day is planned, the mystical allure of the moon’s phases offers a celestial breath of fresh air. Imagine missing a moon night or a new moon meditation simply because life’s bustling pace made you forget. How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? However, this disconnection from the natural world can leave us feeling adrift. 

To add moon phases to your iPhone calendar, open the Calendar app, tap ‘Calendars’ at the bottom, scroll down to ‘Other,’ and select ‘US Holidays.’ This will automatically add moon phases to your calendar as part of the holiday calendar.

But what if your iPhone, a symbol of modern life’s rush, could be the very tool to reconnect you with these ancient lunar cycles? It’s not just about marking dates; it’s about rediscovering a rhythm as old as time. How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? However, the solution is beautifully simple and within reach: adding moon phases to your iPhone calendar. 

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4 Methods To Add Moon Phases To iPhone Calendar 

How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? Below are the different methods to add moon phases to the iPhone calendar:

  • Using Third-Party Lunar Calendar Apps: Numerous third-party apps in the App Store can seamlessly integrate with your iPhone calendar for those eager to track lunar cycles. Start by exploring lunar calendar apps – read reviews, compare features, and find one that resonates with your needs. Once installed, configuring these apps is usually straightforward. However, many offer an option to sync directly with your iPhone calendar, embedding moon phase information alongside your regular schedule.
  • Subscribing To A Moon Calendar Feed: Another effective way to track lunar phases is by subscribing to a moon calendar feed. Websites like Moon Calendar offer easily integrated feeds into your iPhone calendar. Simply visit the website, find the subscription link, and follow the prompts to add it to your calendar. However, this method ensures that moon phase data is automatically updated and displayed in your calendar.
  • Utilizing Moon Cycle Widgets: Widgets have become a popular feature for quick information access, and lunar phase widgets are no exception. Apps like Lunar Phase Widget can be downloaded from the App Store. After installation, you can add the widget to the home screen for easy access to moon phase information at a glance. How to add moon phases to Apple calendar? These widgets often offer a sleek and discreet design, fitting seamlessly into your screen layout to add moon phases to iPhone calendar.
  • Using The iPhone Weather App: The iPhone’s native Weather app also includes a moon module, providing basic moon phase information. Accessing this feature is simple: open the Weather app and look for the moon phase icon. However, this method is ideal for those who prefer not to install additional apps or widgets but still want occasional lunar phase updates.

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Understanding Moon Cycle Phases 

The lunar cycle, a continual dance of shadow and light, is marked by distinct phases, each holding unique significance. The New Moon, a time of beginnings, is often seen as an opportunity for setting intentions and starting fresh. Culturally, many view this phase as a time for reflection and planning.

The Full Moon, bright and complete, is traditionally associated with culmination and clarity. However, this phase is often celebrated in various cultures for its energy and is believed to bring heightened emotions and illumination of hidden truths.

How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? Between these critical phases, the moon waxes and wanes. The Waxing Phases, including the First Quarter and Waxing gibbons, signify growth and accumulation. However, this period is often favorable for building, creating, and adding to existing projects or intentions by adding moon phases to iPhone calendar.

How do I add moon phases to my calendar? Conversely, the Waning Phases, including the Third Quarter and Waning Crescent, symbolize release and preparation. It’s a time for letting go, reflecting, and clearing the way for the new cycle.

Each phase, whether a sliver of light in the darkness or a radiant orb, plays a role in the lunar rhythm. However, these cycles have been observed for millennia, guiding agricultural practices, religious rituals, and personal reflection. By tracking the moon’s journey through its phases, we connect with a natural rhythm that transcends the modern digital world.

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Practical Tips For Moon Phase Tracking

Moon phase tracking can be more than just a calendar feature; it can be a guide for personal and spiritual activities. For instance, plan outdoor activities like camping or stargazing during a full moon when the night is brighter. Conversely, use the new moon, a time of low visibility, for introspection or starting new projects and add moon phases to Apple calendar.

How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? Integrate moon phases into your growth journey. Hence, use the waxing moon to build up to new challenges or habits and the waning moon for reflection and letting go of what no longer serves you. Gardeners might plant seeds during a waxing moon, believing it encourages growth and harvest during a waning moon.

For those interested in nature’s rhythms, moon phase tracking can enhance your connection to the natural world. Observe how the moon influences tides, animal behavior, and your mood and energy levels. However, this mindful observation can lead to a deeper appreciation of the natural cycle.

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How do I put moon phases on my calendar?

To add moon phases to your calendar, use a lunar calendar app, subscribe to a moon phase feed, or use widgets. You can also view moon phases in the iPhone Weather app.

Is there a moon phase widget for iPhone?

Yes, there are moon-phase widgets for iPhones. Download a lunar phase app from the App Store and add its widget to your home screen.

Can you track the moon phases on an iPhone?

Yes, you can track moon phases on an iPhone. Use third-party apps, subscribe to moon phase calendars or the iPhone Weather app.

What is the best moon phase app?

The best moon phase app varies by user preference. Look for apps with high ratings in the App Store and those offering desired features like notifications or widgets.

Does the Apple Weather app show moon phases?

Yes, the Apple Weather app shows basic moon phase information. Look for the moon icon within the app to view current phases.


Adding moon phases to your iPhone calendar is more than a nod to celestial movements; it’s an invitation to sync your life with the natural world’s rhythm. Whether you use it for practical planning, personal growth, or connecting with nature, moon phase tracking offers a great blend of technology and tradition. How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? Explore the various methods available and find the one that resonates with your lifestyle and interests. However, embrace this ancient cycle and discover how it can bring a new dimension to your daily life.

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