How To Add Moon Phases To iPhone Calendar: A Quick Tutorial

Have you ever felt the mysterious pull of the moon, urging you to tap into its ancient rhythms? Many believe that aligning with the lunar cycle can enhance our lives, but in today’s digital age, flipping through a physical almanac feels archaic. You’ve got your iPhone with you nearly 24/7, so why not have the moon’s phases right there too? The problem? How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar?  Apple doesn’t make it super obvious. 

To add moon phases to your iPhone calendar, go to Settings > Calendar > Alternate Calendars and select “Lunar”. Alternatively, subscribe to a reliable external lunar calendar and integrate it with your iPhone calendar app.

The frustration of missing out on the next full moon or new moon ritual because you forgot to check can be real. How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? But what if there was a simple way to integrate this celestial calendar into your daily life? 

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Why Add Moon Phases To Your iPhone Calendar?

Imagine this: you’re planning a serene evening of meditation or perhaps you’re curious about the best time to plant some seeds in your garden. But how often do we actually remember to check its phase?

  • Spiritual And Astrological Significance: For centuries, cultures around the world have revered the moon’s phases. From new moon rituals to full moon celebrations, aligning with the lunar cycle can offer spiritual grounding and a deeper connection to the universe.spiritual and astrological significance
  • Planning Activities: Farmers swear by planting seeds during certain moon phases to yield better crops. Similarly, some believe that cutting hair on a waxing moon promotes growth. Having the moon’s phases on your iPhone can help you align your activities with its cycles.
  • Daily Convenience: Let’s face it, we’re glued to our phones. Instead of searching online or flipping through a physical almanac, having the moon’s phases right on your iPhone calendar ensures you’re always in the loop.

In essence, integrating moon phases into your iPhone calendar isn’t just about tracking celestial events. Hence, it’s about enriching your daily life with the wisdom of the ages. 

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Methods To Add Moon Phases 

Ah, the modern conundrum: we have a device that can do almost anything, yet sometimes, the simplest tasks can feel like deciphering an ancient code. But fear not! Hence, when it comes to adding moon phases to your iPhone calendar, you’ve got options.

  • Built-In Lunar Calendar Feature: Your iPhone comes equipped with a hidden gem: a built-in lunar calendar. With a few taps, you can unveil the moon’s phases without adding any external apps or subscriptions.
  • External Lunar Calendar Subscriptions: For those seeking a bit more detail or a different visual style, there are numerous external lunar calendar subscriptions available. These can be seamlessly integrated into your iPhone calendar, offering a richer lunar experience. external lunar calendar subscriptions

Whether you’re a minimalist who loves the simplicity of the built-in feature or someone who craves a bit more lunar flair, there’s a method tailored just for you. Can I add moon phases to iPhone calendar? Hence, let’s dive into the details!

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Step-By-Step Guide: Using iPhone’s Built-in Features

Alright, tech enthusiast or not, we’ve all had those moments where we’re convinced our devices are outsmarting us. But adding moon phases to your iPhone calendar? How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar?  It’s a breeze once you know the steps. Let’s break it down, Julia Evans-style, with some clear, concise, and maybe even a tad quirky instructions:

  1. Begin with the basics. Swipe, use Face ID, or enter your passcode. Welcome to your digital world!
  2. Locate that gear icon labeled “Settings.” It’s your gateway to the iPhone’s inner workings.
  3. Within the vast sea of options, you’ll find “Calendar.” Inside the Calendar settings, there’s an option labeled “Alternate Calendars.” It might sound mysterious, but trust me, it’s where the magic happens.
  4. You’ll see a few options pop up. Choose “Lunar.” And voilà! The moon’s phases will now grace your calendar.
  5. Open your Calendar app and marvel at the moon phases. They’ll appear on the respective dates, giving you a clear view of the lunar cycle.

clear view of the lunar cycle

And there you have it! In just a handful of steps, you’ve transformed your iPhone calendar into a celestial guide. Who knew the mysteries of the moon were just a few taps away to add moon phases to iPhone calendar?

Step-By-Step Guide: Subscribing To External Lunar Calendar

So, you’re craving a bit more lunar detail, or perhaps you’re after a unique visual representation of the moon’s phases? No worries! The digital realm is brimming with external lunar calendars ready to be integrated into your iPhone. How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar?  Let’s embark on this celestial journey, with a sprinkle of Julia Evans’ clarity and charm:

  1. On most sites, you’ll find an “.ics” link for the calendar. Tap and hold to copy this link.
  2. Remember our friend, the “Settings” app? Open it up and scroll down to “Calendar.”
  3. Within the Calendar settings, tap on “Accounts.” This is where all your email and calendar accounts reside.
  4. Tap “Add Account” and then add Subscribed Google Calendar moon phase.
  5. Remember the “.ics” link you copied? Paste it into the server box.
  6. Your iPhone will verify the link. Once done, tap “Save.”
  7. Open your Calendar app. The external lunar calendar should now be integrated, showcasing detailed moon phases.

external lunar calendar

And just like that, you’ve expanded your iPhone’s lunar calendar Google Calendar horizons! Whether you’re tracking the waxing crescent or awaiting the next full moon, your calendar’s got you covered. Happy moon gazing!

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

Ah, technology. It’s a marvel, but sometimes, it throws us a curveball. If you’ve followed the steps to lunar perfection but still find yourself moonless, don’t fret! Here’s a Julia Evans-inspired guide to troubleshooting the most common issues when adding moon phases to your iPhone calendar:

  • Moon Phases Not Displaying: Double-check that you’ve selected the “Lunar” option in the Alternate Calendars. Sometimes, it’s the simple things!
  • Sync Issues with External Lunar Calendars: Head to Settings > Calendar > Accounts. Ensure that the “Fetch New Data” option is set to “Push” or manually refresh to sync the latest data.
  • Duplicate Moon Phase Entries: This can happen if you’ve subscribed to multiple lunar calendars. Navigate to your Calendar app, tap “Calendars” at the bottom, and deselect any duplicate lunar calendars.duplicate moon phase entries
  • External Calendar Link Not Working: The link might be outdated or incorrect for Google Calendar lunar calendar. Revisit the source website to ensure you’ve copied the correct “.ics” link.
  • No Notifications For Moon Phases: Go to Settings > Calendar > Default Alert Times. Set your preferred notification time for “All-Day Events.”

Alternative Apps For Tracking Moon Phases

While the iPhone’s built-in calendar is a gem, sometimes you might be yearning for a more immersive lunar experience. Enter the world of apps, where the moon isn’t just a phase—it’s a feature-rich experience. Drawing inspiration from Julia Evans’ knack for clarity, let’s explore some top-rated lunar phase apps for iOS:

  • Deluxe Moon Phase Calendar: A favorite among stargazers, this app offers not just moon phases but also zodiac signs, moonrise times, and even lunar horoscopes. It’s a celestial party in your pocket!
  • Moon Calendar: Simplicity meets functionality. Get daily moon phase notifications, view the moon’s current position, and even peek into the future with its calendar view.
  • Moon Phase: For those who love a visual treat, this app offers a 3D simulation of the moon. Rotate, zoom, and marvel at the moon’s beauty, all while staying updated on its phases.
  • Luna Solaria: A must-have for fishermen and hunters, this app not only tracks moon phases but also sunrises, sunsets, and the best times for certain activities based on the lunar cycle.luna solaria
  • Simple Moon Phase Calendar: As the name suggests, it’s straightforward. No frills, just the moon in all its glory. Perfect for minimalists.

In the vast universe of apps, these stand out for their user-friendly interfaces and rich features. Whether you’re planning a moonlit ritual or just curious about the night sky, there’s an app tailored for your lunar needs. Happy exploring!

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How can I get Google's Moon Phases to sync properly?

You can sync Google's Moon Phases with Apple Calendar on iPad/iPhone by visiting this link and selecting Moon Phases.

How to add moon phases to calendar?

For MBP and iPhone, you can subscribe to external lunar calendars or use built-in settings to display moon phases.

Why are phases of the moon not showing in the Calendar app?

Ensure that Phases of Moon is checked in the Calendar app settings. If it's synced via iCloud, try refreshing the data or checking on other devices.

How can I add the moon’s movement to the iPhone calendar?

While there are religious calendars available, to specifically track moon phases, you can subscribe to external lunar calendars or use apps designed for this purpose.

Are there any widgets for tracking lunar phases on the iPhone?

Yes, apps like Lunar Phase Widget on the App Store offer widgets to track and display lunar phases on your iPhone's home screen.


The moon, with its gentle ebb and flow, serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the universe. Whether you’re using the built-in lunar calendar feature, subscribing to an external source, or diving into specialized apps, you’re taking a step towards celestial alignment. 

How to add moon phases to iPhone calendar? As you plan your days, let the moon’s phases be a guide, a muse, and a moment of wonder. Here’s to clear skies, moonlit nights, and a calendar that keeps you connected to the cosmos. In the words of Julia Evans, “It’s not just about tech; it’s about understanding the world around us.” Shine on!

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