How To Fix Black Spots On iPhone Screen? 3 Easy Fixes

Imagine your iPhone screen marred by an unsightly black spot, a digital blemish that obscures your view and dampens your digital experience. So, this isn’t just an annoyance—it’s a call to action. 

Restart your iPhone or update its software first. If ineffective, check if it’s a screen protector issue or use a pixel repair app. However, for persistent spots, professional repair might be necessary.

Discover why these black spots appear in the next few minutes and how to banish them for good. Dive in to save your screen and restore your seamless iPhone experience.

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3 DIY Fixes For Black Spots On iPhone Screen

Are you facing black spots on your iPhone screen? For those interested in DIY fixes before seeking professional help, leveraging pixel repair apps could be a viable option. Apps like these cycle through colors to revive stuck pixels, which might clear up black spots. Learn more about how to utilize such apps effectively here: How to Use Pixel Repair Apps. Before you head to a repair shop, try these DIY fixes:

  • Restart Or Update Your iPhone: It sounds simple, but turning your iPhone off and on again can sometimes zap away display issues. Software updates can also fix bugs that might be causing black spots.
  • Check And Replace The Screen Protector: A damaged screen protector or debris underneath it could be the culprit. Carefully peel it off. If the spot goes away, replace the protector with a new one.
  • Use A Pixel Repair App: Download a pixel repair app from the App Store. Hence, these apps cycle through colors and can revive stuck pixels, potentially clearing up those black spots.

If you’re wondering why your iPhone screen went black or you’re experiencing similar issues, reading about potential causes and fixes can be enlightening. Check out this article for insights: Why Did My iPhone Screen Go Black?

How To Repair Black Spots On iPhone Screen Professionally?

If the DIY route doesn’t clear up those dark blemishes, it’s time to consider professional help. So, a screen replacement might be your best bet for persistent black spots caused by physical damage or dead pixels. 

Hence, the cost of professional screen repair services can go up to $150, depending on the damage and the model of your iPhone. So, remember, going to an authorized Apple repair center ensures your iPhone is in good hands and preserves any remaining warranty.

When considering professional repair for persistent black spots, understanding the intricacies of iPhone LCD technology could be beneficial. This guide explains what an LCD on an iPhone is, helping you make informed decisions about screen replacements or repairs: What is an LCD on an iPhone?

What Are The Causes Of Black Spots?

Have you ever noticed a black spot on your iPhone screen? It’s not just a minor inconvenience; it’s a signal that something’s amiss. Here’s why they appear:

  • Physical Damage: Dropping your iPhone or applying too much pressure can harm the LCD screen. So, this often results in black spots, where parts of the screen don’t light up as they should.
  • Software Glitches: Sometimes, the culprit is inside the phone. So, software issues can mess with the display, creating black spots. Keeping your iPhone updated can fend off these digital gremlins.
  • Stuck Or Dead Pixels: Each image on your screen is made of tiny dots called pixels. When they get stuck or die, they stop showing colors, appearing as black spots instead.

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3 Preventive Measures For Black Spots

Preventing black spots on your iPhone screen is about care, maintenance, and some know-how. Here’s what you can do to keep your screen pristine:

  • Avoid Extremes: iPhones hate extreme temperatures and moisture as much as you do. Hence, keep your device in environments that are kind to electronics.
  • Handle With Care: Treat your iPhone like the sophisticated piece of technology it is. Avoid drops, and don’t put pressure on the screen. Use protective cases for added security.
  • Regular Cleaning: Dust and debris can cause scratches and pressure points. So, gently cleaning your screen with a soft microfiber cloth can keep it looking new and prevent damage that might lead to black spots.

Knowing the causes and taking preventive measures, you can keep your iPhone’s screen clear and free of black spots. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving your device’s health and appearance.

Lastly, if you’re curious about how long your iPhone should last and how screen issues fit into overall device longevity, this article provides valuable perspectives: How Long Should an iPhone Last?


Why does my iPhone screen have black spots?

Physical damage, software glitches, or stuck/dead pixels can cause black spots. Regular updates and careful handling can prevent them.

Can restarting my iPhone fix the black spots on the screen?

Restarting or updating your iPhone can resolve minor display issues caused by software glitches or temporary pixel problems.

How can I remove black spots on my iPhone screen myself?

Try updating software, checking the screen protector for damage, or using a pixel repair app from the App Store for stuck pixels.

Do I need professional repair for black spots on my iPhone screen?

If DIY fixes fail, black spots from physical damage or dead pixels may require professional screen replacement.

How much does it cost to fix black spots on an iPhone screen?

Professional repair costs vary from $50 to $150, depending on the extent of damage and iPhone model compatibility.


Black spots on your iPhone screen can be a nuisance, but they’re not always a death sentence for your device. So, start with simple DIY fixes like restarting, updating, or using a pixel repair app. If those don’t work, professional repair is a reliable, though costlier, solution. 

By understanding the causes, preventive measures, and fixes for black spots, you can make informed decisions about caring for your iPhone’s screen.

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