How To Add Music On CapCut iPhone? [2024 Updated]

Have you ever watched a video and felt the music pull you in? That’s the power of the perfect soundtrack. So, with CapCut on your iPhone, that power is at your fingertips. For more details on enhancing your iPhone’s capabilities, check out how to make your iPhone experience even better.

Open CapCut, start a new project and add your video. Tap ‘Audio,’ then ‘Sounds’ to select music from CapCut’s library or ‘Your Sounds’ to upload your own. Tap the plus (+) to add it.

This guide unlocks the secrets to adding music, transforming your videos from good to unforgettable. Ready to elevate your video game? Learn more about unlocking an iPhone’s full potential here.

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How To Add Music From CapCut’s Library On iPhone?

Follow these steps to add the music on CapCut iPhone:

  1. Start A New Project: First, open CapCut on your iPhone. So, tap ‘New Project’ to kick things off.
  2. Add Your Media: It’s time to bring your vision to life. Add the video or image that’s begging for that perfect tune.
  3. Navigate To Audio: Ready for the fun part? Tap on the ‘Audio’ menu. So, select ‘Sounds’ to dive into CapCut’s musical treasure trove.
  4. Choose Your Music: Here’s where the magic happens. Hence, browse through various genres until you find that perfect song. Feel the vibe? Tap the download icon next to it. Then, click the plus option to add it to your project. Just like that, your video’s got a heartbeat.

How To Upload Your Music With CapCut? 

Follow these and upload your music on CapCut iPhone:

  1. Include Your Media: Add your video or image to the project. Hence, this is the canvas for your audio masterpiece.
  2. Access Your Sounds: Craving something more personal? Tap ‘Audio,’ then ‘Sounds.’ Now, hit ‘Your Sounds’ and select ‘From device.’ This is your ticket to truly customized soundtracks.
  3. Upload And Add: Scroll through your music files until you find the one that speaks to your video. Found it? Press the plus option to add it to your project. Suddenly, your video isn’t just seen; it’s felt.

These methods offer a gateway to elevate your videos from mundane to mesmerizing. Whether tapping into CapCut’s extensive library or injecting your unique sound, the right music breathes life into your creations. Hence, dive in and let your videos sing.

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How To Extract Sounds From Videos Using CapCut?

Follow these steps to extract the sounds on the iPhone:

  1. Open The Audio Menu: Kick things off by diving into the menu. So, this is your gateway to unleashing the sounds trapped in your videos. Discover other iPhone tips and tricks.
  2. Select Extracted: Looking for that specific sound bite? Tap ‘Extracted’. So, this is where your quest begins. Hence, it’s like a treasure hunt for the perfect sound.
  3. Import Sound Only: Once you’ve found your video, it’s decision time. Opt for ‘Import sound only’. With a simple tap, you’re not just extracting audio but setting it free. So, this sound now has a life of its own, ready to enhance your project.

Extracting audio is more than a technical step; it’s an art. Hence, it’s about finding the heartbeat in a video clip and giving it a new purpose. Whether it’s a laugh, a line, or a lyric, this method allows you to recycle and repurpose content, enriching your projects with layers of meaning.

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How To Add Voiceovers Using CapCut?

Follow these steps to add voiceover using CapCut:

  1. Access The Audio Menu: Your journey begins in the Audio menu. Here lies the path to personalization.
  2. Record Your Voice: Ready to lend your voice to your creation? Press and hold the recorder key. Hence, this is where you breathe life into your video. Speak, narrate, sing—let your voice be heard. Release the key to stop. Just like that, you’ve added a layer of intimacy and authenticity to your project.

Adding voiceovers is more than just recording; it’s about injecting personality into your videos. Hence, your voice can convey emotions and nuances that text and images alone cannot. So, it’s a powerful tool for storytelling, making your projects not just seen but felt. Explore how to make professional-looking edits on your iPhone.

Through extracting sounds and adding voiceovers, CapCut offers you the tools to craft videos that tell a story, evoke emotions, and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Hence, embrace these features and watch your projects transform from simple videos into compelling narratives.


How do I add copyright-free music to my CapCut video on my iPhone?

Access CapCut's audio features and choose from the music library. Select copyright-free music for safe, creative additions to your video.

Can I use my music in CapCut on my iPhone?

Yes, upload your music by navigating to Audio > Your Sounds > From device in CapCut and add your soundtrack.

Is it possible to extract audio from a video in CapCut?

Use the extracting audio feature under the Audio menu, select Extracted, and choose Import sound only for your project.

How do I add a voiceover to my CapCut project on iPhone?

In CapCut, go to Audio > Voiceover and record your voice. Press and hold the recorder key to start and stop your narration.

Can I sync music to video clips in CapCut?

Yes, CapCut allows for syncing music to video clips efficiently, ensuring your audio matches your visuals perfectly for impactful storytelling.


In the digital age, where videos dominate our screens and stories capture our hearts, CapCut stands as a beacon for creators. So, through the simple yet profound acts of adding music from its library, uploading personal tracks, extracting sounds from videos, and embedding voiceovers, CapCut empowers iPhone users to elevate their video content. 

This guide has navigated the pathways to enriching your videos with sound, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Hence, with CapCut, your creative vision knows no bounds—each video is a canvas awaiting your unique audio signature. Dive in, explore, and let the symphony of visuals and sound unfold.

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