Playing Music While Using Apps On iPhone: How To

Imagine you’re on a brisk morning walk, the cool breeze gently brushing against your face. You’re listening to your favorite podcast, absorbing every word. Suddenly, you remember an urgent email you need to send. How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? You pause, worried that exiting the app will stop your podcast

To play music while using other apps on your iPhone, start playing your music or podcast in the relevant app. Then, press the home button to return to the home screen and open other apps. Your music will continue to play in the background.

This is the modern dilemma of multitasking on smartphones – the struggle to stay connected to our audio while juggling other tasks. It’s a frustration that echoes in the life of every iPhone user. How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? But fear not, for there is a simple yet effective solution that seamlessly blends your need for entertainment with the demands of daily digital tasks.

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Using Split View For Simultaneous App Usage 

Split View on the iPhone is like having a mini multitasking powerhouse in your pocket. For more advanced tips on multitasking with your iPhone, including using Split View, this detailed guide can be incredibly helpful. It’s a game-changer for those who love playing music or podcasts while diving into other apps. Imagine checking your emails while your favorite playlist sets the mood in the background or catching up on social media while listening to an intriguing podcast – all on the same screen.

To dive into this multitasking marvel, start by opening the first app – let’s say, your music app. Then, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Dock. Here’s where the magic happens: drag your second app (like Mail or Safari) to the right or left edge of the screen. Voila! Your screen splits, with music on one side and your chosen app on the other.

Adjust the divider to your liking. Want more space for reading emails? Simply drag the divider to give Mail more room without missing a beat of your music. It’s easy and efficient, turning your iPhone into a dual-action device that keeps entertainment and productivity in hand.

Setting Up A Home Screen Shortcut 

Life’s too short for unnecessary taps and swipes, right? That’s where setting up a Home Screen shortcut for Split View comes into play, offering a quick gateway to your multitasking needs. It’s like having a personal assistant ready to organize your screen with a tap.

To set this up, first venture into the Shortcuts app. Tap on the ‘+’ to create a new shortcut. Choose the actions you frequently pair with music – maybe opening Safari or your Notes app. After setting the actions, add this shortcut to your Home Screen. A single tap is all it takes to launch into your preferred Split View setup.

How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? The beauty of this shortcut is its customization – tailor it to launch your most-used app combinations. It’s a small step for a shortcut but a giant leap for your productivity and enjoyment. So, the next time you’re ready to multitask, just tap and go!

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Leveraging Apple’s Handoff Feature 

Handoff is like a magical bridge between your Apple devices, ensuring your music journey is uninterrupted, even as you switch gears from one device to another. To learn more about Handoff and other continuity features for seamless multitasking across Apple devices, check out this article. Imagine you’re grooving to a killer playlist on your iPhone, but it’s time to work on your MacBook. With Handoff, you can effortlessly transfer the music to your MacBook, keeping the vibe alive without skipping a beat.

How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? This feature shines in multitasking scenarios. Picture this: You’re cooking while listening to a podcast on your iPhone. The recipe is on your iPad. Just wave your iPhone near the iPad, and boom – the podcast now plays from your iPad, aligning your auditory and visual focus seamlessly. Handoff’s continuity and fluidity to your digital life are game-changers, transforming how you interact with your Apple ecosystem and making multitasking efficient and more magical.

Streaming Music From Services Like Apple Music Or Spotify

When using streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify for uninterrupted listening, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights on getting the most out of these services. In multitasking, streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify are your trusty sidekicks. They offer a universe of music and podcasts at your fingertips, ready to play in the background while you juggle other tasks. Whether it’s Apple Music’s vast library or Spotify’s personalized playlists, these services ensure your audio backdrop is always fresh and fitting.

Using these services for uninterrupted listening is a breeze. On Apple Music, utilize the ‘Play Next’ feature to queue songs without pausing your current activity. Spotify users rejoice in the ‘Crossfade’ feature, which ensures smooth transitions between tracks for a non-stop audio experience. Both services allow downloading tracks, a boon for those moments when the internet is as reliable as a paper umbrella.

How to play music while using other apps on iPad? Moreover, with their integration into the iOS ecosystem, controlling playback while working on other apps is as simple as a swipe and a tap on the Control Center. This integration means your work on a spreadsheet or a deep dive into social media is always full of your favorite tunes, keeping your productivity and mood in perfect harmony.

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Creating A Personal Playlist In The Music App 

Crafting a personal playlist in the Music app is like building your sonic universe, tailored to your tastes and moods. Start by opening the Music app and tap ‘Library.’ Here, you’ll see ‘Playlists’ – tap on it, then choose ‘New Playlist.’ Give your playlist a name that sparks joy, and start adding songs. For more tips on personalizing your music listening experience on the iPhone, refer to this informative article.

The true charm of these playlists lies in their ability to set the tone for different activities. Imagine a high-energy playlist for your workouts, a calming compilation for your meditation sessions, or a set of upbeat tunes for cooking. These curated playlists become your go-to soundtracks, transforming mundane tasks into enjoyable experiences. Plus, the more you personalize, the smarter the app gets in suggesting new songs, making each playlist a living, evolving mix of your musical journey.

Downloading Music For Offline Listening 

In a world where internet connections can be as unpredictable as the weather, downloading music for offline listening is your safeguard against silence. Whether underground in a subway or in a remote location, your music stays uninterrupted with you.

How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? To download music, find the song or album in your preferred music app, like Apple Music or Spotify, and look for the download icon (usually a little cloud with a downward arrow). Tap it, and the music saves directly to your device. Remember, you’ll need enough storage space on your device, so it’s wise to review and manage your downloads periodically.

How to play music on iPhone while using other apps? This offline feature is more than a convenience; it’s a lifeline for music lovers. It ensures your morning runs, long flights, or daily commutes are accompanied by your favorite tracks, making every moment, regardless of connectivity, melodic and memorable.

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Utilizing Background Audio Playback Mode 

Background Audio Playback mode is like giving your iPhone a soundtrack to your life. It allows your music to continue playing even when you switch out of the music app. This feature is crucial for those who crave a constant audio backdrop for focus, relaxation, or just to keep the vibe going.

How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? Start playing your music in your preferred apps like Apple Music or Spotify to enable it. Then, switch to another app or lock your screen – the music won’t miss a beat. It’s that simple! The music app doesn’t need to stay open; it quietly serenades you from the background. This mode is perfect for responding to emails, browsing the web, or taking photos, ensuring that your favorite tunes are always a play button away.

Using Control Center For Easy Music Control 

The Control Center on your iPhone is like a remote control for your music. It offers a quick and easy way to manage your music playback without opening the music app. This is especially handy when using other apps or when your phone is locked.

How to play Apple Music while using other apps? To use it, swipe down from the right corner. Here, you’ll find music controls – play/pause, track skipping, and volume adjustments are all at your fingertips. You can even long-press to access options like playback destination and track selection.

The beauty of the Control Center lies in its accessibility. It’s always there, just a swipe away, allowing you to control your music effortlessly while engaged in other tasks. This convenience ensures your music experience is smooth, uninterrupted, and perfectly synced with your daily activities.

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How can I play music on my iPhone while using other apps?

To play music while using other apps on your iPhone, start playing music in your chosen app, like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. Then, you can switch to another app, and the music will continue to play in the background.

How do I stop music from stopping when I play games on my iPhone?

To prevent music from stopping when you play games, you can try using a system-wide sound device for gaming or adjust your audio settings if you're on a gaming PC. For iPhone, ensuring that the game app allows music playback in its settings can help. Some apps, especially games, have specific settings to allow background music.

How do I stop my iPhone from automatically stopping music?

To prevent your iPhone from automatically stopping music, go to Settings > Music and adjust the settings. Disable the iCloud Music Library and the automatic pause feature.

Why does my iPhone stop playing audio?

Common reasons include the device being on silent mode, a dirty headphone jack, low volume, physical damage, or a software glitch. Checking the silent mode switch, cleaning the headphone jack, adjusting the volume, or restarting the phone can resolve the issue.

Where is the autoplay icon on the iPhone?

The autoplay icon is located in the Music settings. To find it, open the Settings app, tap on Music, and look for the Autoplay option at the bottom of the list.


Incorporating music into your daily iPhone use isn’t just a feature – it’s a lifestyle enhancement. It transforms routine tasks into enjoyable moments, enriching your day with a personal soundtrack. By utilizing features like Split View, Handoff, and the Control Center, managing your music while multitasking becomes a seamless experience.

How to play music while using other apps on iPhone? Embrace these methods, and you’ll find your productivity, relaxation, and overall enjoyment of your iPhone significantly elevated. So, put on your favorite playlist, open up that to-do list, and step into a world where your iPhone harmonizes your love for music with the rhythm of your life.

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