Spotify Turning Off When iPhone Locks: Troubleshooting The Issue

Imagine this: You’re deep into your favorite playlist, lost in the rhythm, when suddenly, silence. The music stops the moment your iPhone screen dims. Spotify turning off when iPhone locks? Frustrating, right? This isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a mood-killer, especially when you’re relying on music to power through a workout or a long commute.

When Spotify stops playing as the iPhone locks, it’s often due to battery optimization settings or app glitches. To fix it, ensure Spotify is updated, adjust background app refresh settings, or reinstall the app for a fresh start.

The urgency to find a fix becomes paramount. But what’s causing Spotify turning off when iPhone locks? Let’s dive deep, Julia Evans-style, and decode this modern-day musical mystery.

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Understanding The Issue 

Picture this: You’re in the groove, vibing to your favorite track on Spotify, and just as the chorus hits, the music abruptly stops. It’s not a call or a notification; it’s the pesky issue of Spotify keeps pausing iPhone by going silent when your iPhone locks. But why does this happen? At its core, this isn’t just a Spotify problem. It’s an intricate dance between app settings, iPhone’s battery optimizations, and sometimes, software bugs.

understanding the issue 

Julia Evans often dives deep into tech quirks, and if she were here, she’d probably be as intrigued as you are. It’s not just about missing out on a song; it’s about the larger question: Why can’t our tech just work the way it’s supposed to? Let’s explore.

Why Does Spotify Stop Playing?

Diving into the heart of the matter, Julia Evans-style, let’s unravel the layers behind this perplexing issue. At first glance, it might seem like a simple app glitch, but there’s more beneath the surface.

  • Battery Optimization: iPhones are designed to conserve battery life. When the screen locks, background processes, including apps like Spotify, might be restricted to save power. This can inadvertently halt your music.
  • Background App Refresh: Spotify needs permission to run in the background. If this setting is turned off, the app can’t play music once the focus shifts away from it.
  • App Glitches: Like all software, Spotify turning off when iPhone locks as Spotify isn’t immune to bugs. Sometimes, a minor glitch within the app can cause playback glitches
  • iOS Updates: Ever noticed the issue cropping up after an iOS update? New updates can sometimes conflict with apps, causing unexpected behaviors.
  • Data Restrictions: If Spotify is set to stream music only on Wi-Fi and you lock your phone, switching to cellular data might pause the playback.

In essence, the interplay of settings, software updates, and occasional glitches creates this musical hiccup as Spotify stops playing iPhone. 

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Common Fixes For The Spotify Issue

Ah, the world of tech! Where problems and solutions coexist, often just a click apart. Channeling the analytical spirit of Julia Evans, let’s dive into the most common fixes for the Spotify not working on iPhone:

  • Update Spotify: Starting with the basics, ensure you’re running the latest version of Spotify.
  • Adjust Background App Refresh: Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Ensure to turn it on for Spotify. This allows the app to operate even when not in the foreground.adjust background app refresh
  • Check Battery Settings: iPhones might restrict background activities to save battery. Also, ensure Spotify isn’t listed under ‘Battery Usage’ as an app whose activities are reduced.
  • Check Data Permissions: If you’ve set Spotify to work on Wi-Fi only, ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi when locked. Alternatively, allow Spotify to use cellular data by going to Settings > Spotify > Cellular Data.

Remember, tech issues of Spotify turning off when iPhone locks are like puzzles. With a bit of patience and the right steps, they can be seamlessly resolved, bringing back the rhythm to your life.

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User Workarounds And Solutions

When official fixes don’t cut it, the user community often steps up, sharing ingenious workarounds. Drawing inspiration from Julia Evans’ knack for community-driven solutions, let’s explore some user-tested methods to keep Spotify singing:

  • Use Offline Mode: Several users found success by downloading their playlists and switching Spotify to ‘Offline Mode’ as Spotify stops playing when screen is off iPhone. This reduces dependency on network settings and can prevent interruptions.
  • Disable Auto-Lock: While not ideal for battery life, some users temporarily disable auto-lock, ensuring the screen remains active. Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and set to ‘Never’.
  • Use A Different Streaming Quality: Switching the streaming quality in Spotify settings has worked for some. Try toggling between ‘Low’ and ‘Very High’ to see if it makes a difference. use a different streaming quality
  • Avoid Using Other Audio Apps: If you’ve recently used another audio app (like a podcast player or YouTube), fully close it. Sometimes, residual processes from these apps can interfere with Spotify.
  • Engage The Community: Platforms like Reddit and Spotify’s own community forums are goldmines of user-driven solutions. Their hands-on experience and innovative approaches often pave the way for smoother tunes.

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Preventing Future Playback Issues

In the spirit of Julia Evans, who often emphasizes proactive problem-solving, let’s not just fix the current issue but also prevent future hiccups. Here’s how:

  • Stay Updated: Regularly update both your iOS and Spotify app. Developers often address known issues in these updates.
  • Monitor Settings: After any major iOS update, review your app and battery settings. Updates can sometimes revert or change preferences.
  • Join Beta Programs: Spotify offers a Beta program where you can access features before they roll out to everyone.  join beta programs
  • Engage With The Community: Stay active on forums and user groups. Early warnings about issues often surface here first.
  • Limit Background Apps: Regularly close apps you’re not using. This ensures no other app interferes with Spotify’s playback.

By taking these preemptive steps, you’re not just reacting to issues but staying a step ahead, ensuring a seamless Spotify experience.

Alternative Music Streaming Options

While Spotify is a giant in the music streaming realm, it’s not the only player on the block. Channeling Julia Evans’ love for exploring alternatives, let’s peek into other music platforms that might tickle your auditory senses as Spotify turns off when iPhone locks:

  • Tidal: For the audiophiles, Tidal boasts lossless audio quality and exclusive content, ensuring a premium listening experience.
  • YouTube Music: Building on YouTube’s vast music video collection, it offers a unique blend of official tracks, covers, and live music
  • Amazon Music: With different tiers, including a high-definition option, it integrates well with Amazon’s Echo devices.
  • Deezer: Offering a vast library and personalized playlists, it’s a worthy contender in the streaming wars.

Exploring alternatives not only provides backup options but also introduces you to unique features and content each platform offers.

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How can I fix the Spotify crash issue without reinstalling the app?

You can try deleting the Spotify cache from the app's settings. Additionally, deleting downloaded podcasts and songs, especially if you frequently download content for offline listening, might help.

Does reinstalling Spotify on the iPhone fix the crashing issue?

Yes, for many users, deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app has resolved the issue. Some suggest offloading the app from iPhone Storage settings before deleting and reinstalling.

How can I help as Spotify crash in the future?

Regularly deleting downloaded songs and podcasts can help. Spotify also has an option to auto-delete played podcast episodes, which can be activated from the Your Episodes page.

Is the Spotify crashing issue exclusive to podcast listeners?

While the issue was first reported by podcast listeners, it's not exclusive to them. However, podcast fans who frequently download new episodes might experience the issue more often.


In the vast universe of music streaming, Spotify’s hiccup with iPhone lock screens is but a minor blip as Spotify turning off when iPhone locks. Yet, it underscores the importance of seamless tech experiences in our daily lives. Drawing from Julia Evans’ ethos, we’ve delved deep, understood the issue, and explored solutions. But remember, technology is ever-evolving.

While Spotify reigns supreme for many, the world of music streaming is rich and diverse. Embrace it, explore alternatives, and let the rhythm of innovation keep you dancing. After all, music, like tech, is all about discovery and joy.

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