How To See Multiple Screens On iPhone: Multitasking Tips

Do you often find yourself wishing your iPhone could show two apps side-by-side like your iPad or Android phone? You’re not alone. Many iPhone users want more robust multitasking capabilities. How to see multiple screens on iPhone? While true split-screen isn’t possible on iPhones yet, there are some helpful workarounds.

In this post, we’ll explain the iPhone’s current multitasking limitations, walk through how to use Picture-in-Picture mode, discuss fast app switching, debunk myths about split-screen, and share tips to mimic split-screen functionality. You’ll leave knowing exactly what is (and isn’t!) possible when it comes to seeing multiple screens on iPhone.

Picture-in-Picture and fast app switching are your best options for pseudo split-screen multitasking on iPhone. How to see multiple screens on iPhone? True simultaneous side-by-side apps aren’t possible yet, but workarounds can provide similar utility.

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Understanding iPhone’s Multitasking Capabilities

The iPhone operates differently than other mobile devices when it comes to displaying multiple app screens simultaneously. For example, the iPad supports a traditional split-screen Slide Over view that lets you run two apps side-by-side. iPhones don’t have this native capability – likely because of their smaller displays.

How to do split screen on iPhone? The closest equivalent is Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, which lets you watch video in a small floating window while using other apps. However, PiP is limited to just one app, not two side-by-side.

How To Use Picture-In-Picture (PiP) Mode?

How to see multiple screens on iPhone? Using PiP is straightforward. Here is how to use this mode:

  1. Open a supported video app like YouTube, Netflix, or FaceTime.
  2. Launch any other app from the Dock. The video will stay overlaid in the PiP window.
  3. Drag the PiP window around the screen. Pinch to resize it. Tap the close X to exit and split screen on iPhone.

Besides streaming apps, PiP also works with FaceTime, Maps, and supported third-party video apps. Check if your favorite video apps have enabled PiP support.

Navigating Fast App Switching

While you can’t have two side-by-side apps on iPhone, you can quickly switch between full-screen apps:

  1. Swipe the bottom edge to jump between open apps.
  2. Swipe left/right to find your desired app.
  3. Set up App Switcher Thumbnails in Settings for a visual preview. This helps identify apps faster.
  4. Get in the habit of using these gestures and shortcuts to rapidly move between tasks. Suspending and resuming apps is much quicker than fully closing and reopening them each time.

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Split Screen On iPhone: Myths Vs. Reality

How to see multiple screens on iPhone? There are some common misconceptions about split screen capabilities on iPhones:

  • Myth: iPhones support side-by-side apps, but you need to enable it. Reality: There is currently no native split-screen feature on any iPhone model. Apps cannot run simultaneously side-by-side as iPhone split screen.
  • Myth: Split screen will definitely be added in the next iOS update. Reality: Apple has not officially announced or confirmed plans to add split screen to future iPhones. The feature may still arrive eventually though.
  • Myth: Split screen is possible with jailbreaking. Reality: Jailbreaks only provide limited workaround solutions. True simultaneous multitasking is still not possible due to iOS limitations.

The takeaway – no current iPhones allow running two apps simultaneously side-by-side natively. Don’t expect to find a hidden split screen setting.

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Alternative Methods To Achieve Split-Screen Effects

While true split-screen isn’t feasible, some clever workarounds provide similar utility:

  • Use Zoom’s Share Screen feature to display your iPhone screen on a computer or tablet. This effectively acts as a second monitor.
  • Try apps like Divide & Conquer that let you run other apps in adjustable windows overlaid on your current app.
  • Use your Mac as a second screen with Sidecar, viewing multiple apps at once across devices.
  • Access your iPad’s apps from your iPhone with Universal Control, controlling multiple devices seamlessly.

These solutions offer split-screen-esque functionality by extending your workspace across gadgets and apps. How to split screen on iPhone? Get creative leveraging these techniques for your multitasking needs.

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Comparing iPhone Multitasking With Other Platforms

It’s useful to understand where iPhone multitasking currently stands compared to other devices:

  • iPadOS – Supports side-by-side Slide Over, Split View, multiple Stacked apps, and PiP. Far more robust multitasking capabilities.
  • Android – Many models allow two resizable apps at once. Functionality depends on Android version and manufacturer software.
  • iPhone – No true split-screen support yet. PiP and fast app switching help, but not equivalent to other devices for split screen iPhone.

Hopefully Apple continues expanding iPhone multitasking powers in future iOS versions. For now, the above workarounds help bridge the gap somewhat.

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How do I view multiple home screens on my iPhone?

Swipe left or right with one finger from the home screen to view multiple screens. Each screen can hold apps and folders.

Can you watch multiple screens on iPhone?

iPhones don't natively support watching multiple screens simultaneously, but apps like Picture-in-Picture allow video in a floating screen.

Can you do split screen view on iPhone?

Split screen view isn't natively supported on iPhones. However, certain apps offer similar functionality for multitasking.

How do I see all open screens on iPhone?

Double-click the Home button or use the swipe up gesture on newer models to view all open apps in the App Switcher.

How do I switch screens on my iPhone?

To switch screens, swipe left or right on the Home screen. To switch apps, swipe left or right on the bottom edge on iPhone X and later.


While true split-screen multitasking isn’t yet possible on iPhones, workarounds like Picture-in-Picture, fast app switching, Zoom screen sharing, and dual-device setups can provide similar benefits. As Apple continues evolving iOS, iPhone multitasking powers will hopefully catch up with other platforms soon.

How to see multiple screens on iPhone? In the meantime, leverage the tips in this guide to maximize your iPhone’s capabilities and manage multiple tasks efficiently. With a little creativity, you can achieve pseudo split-screen functionality on your iPhone today.

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