Crossing Out Text On iPhone: A Simple Tutorial

Imagine you’re drafting a crucial message on your iPhone and need to make a strong point. You think, “If only I could cross out this text to emphasise my correction.” How to cross out text on iPhone? It’s a tiny feature, but its absence can be a huge stumbling block, hindering your ability to communicate effectively and creatively.

To cross out text on iPhone, use a third-party app like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Type your text, select it, and apply the ‘Strikethrough’ formatting. Alternatively, for messaging apps, preface and suffix your text with the tilde (~) symbol for a manual strike-through effect. For more tips on using your iPhone effectively, check out our iPhone guide.

You’re not alone in this frustration. Many iPhone users face this limitation daily, feeling the pinch of restricted text formatting options. But what if there’s a workaround? What if you could easily strike through text, making your messages clearer and more impactful? Here’s the good news: How to cross out text on iPhone? You can cross out text on your iPhone! And it’s simpler than you might think. Hence, let’s unlock this little-known feature and transform the way you text.

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Using Strikethrough In The Mail App 

Strikethrough in emails can be a game-changer. It allows you to clearly show updates or corrections, enhancing clarity and professionalism in your communication. How to cross out text on iPhone? Hence, here’s how to use strikethrough in the Mail app on your iPhone. Here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Mail App: Begin by launching the Mail app on your iPhone.
  2. Compose A New Email: Tap the compose button to start a new email.
  3. Type Your Text: Write the text you want to strike through.
  4. Selecting The Text: Tap and hold on to the text, then drag to choose the part you want to strike out.
  5. Access Formatting Options: Look for the ‘BIU’ button in the options bar above the keyboard (you need to tap the arrow for more options).
  6. Apply Strikethrough: Tap ‘BIU’ and then select ‘Strikethrough.’
  7. Review And Send: Review your email to ensure the strikethrough is correctly applied, then hit send.

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Leveraging The Pages App For Strikethrough

Apple’s Pages app is more than just a document creator; it’s a powerful tool for text formatting, including applying strikethrough. Here’s how to harness this feature in Pages on your iPhone. So, if you’re looking to explore more about what your iPhone can do, our article on iPhone features might interest you.

How to cross out text on iPhone? Here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Pages App: Launch the Pages app on your iPhone.
  2. Create Or Open A Document: Start a new document or open an existing one.
  3. Enter Your Text: Type the text you want to apply strikethrough to.
  4. Select The Text: Tap on the text to bring up the selection tool, then drag to highlight the text.
  5. Access Text Formatting: Tap the ‘Paintbrush’ icon at the top of the screen to open text formatting options.
  6. Apply Strikethrough: In the text formatting menu, enable the ‘Strike Through’ option.
  7. Finalising The Text: Once applied, the text will display with a line through it. Adjust as needed for your document.

Remember, clear formatting makes your document more reader-friendly. Use strikethrough sparingly and purposefully.

Strikethrough In The Notes App

Strikethrough in the Notes app can be a subtle but powerful way to organise and emphasise your content. Whether you’re making a to-do list or editing text, strikethrough adds a layer of clarity. How to cross out text on iPhone? Let’s walk through how to use it.

  1. Open Notes App: Start by launching the Notes app on your iPhone.
  2. Choose Or Create A Note: Select an existing note or create a new one.
  3. Input Your Text: Type the text you want to strike through.
  4. Selecting Text: Tap and hold the desired text, then drag to select.
  5. No Native Strikethrough: Unfortunately, the Notes app doesn’t have a native strikethrough feature.
  6. Workaround: Copy text from a source with strikethrough formatting (like Pages or an email) and paste it into Notes.
  7. Review Your Note: Ensure the strikethrough appears correctly and adjust your note as needed.
  8. Creative Uses: Use strikethrough for completed items in lists. Strikethrough can help in editing or revising notes.

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Third-Party Apps For Advanced Formatting

When the built-in apps on your iPhone don’t meet all your formatting needs, third-party apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs come to the rescue. How to cross out text on iPhone? Let’s explore how they handle strikethrough. Discover more about managing your iPhone, including how to type Greek letters on it, on our site.

Using Strikethrough in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Microsoft Word App: Launch Word on your iPhone.
  2. Type Or Select Text: Enter your text, then select it.
  3. Apply Strikethrough: Tap the ‘Home’ tab, then ‘Strikethrough’ in the font options.

Using Strikethrough in Google Docs:

  1. Open Google Docs App: Start Google Docs on your iPhone.
  2. Input And Select Text: Write your text and highlight it.
  3. Strikethrough Format: Tap the ‘Format’ icon, then ‘Text’ and select ‘Strikethrough.’

Microsoft Word and Google Docs provide robust text formatting tools, making them ideal for when you need extra text control.

Strikethrough Text In Different Scenarios 

Strikethrough isn’t just a formatting tool; it’s a communication enhancer, especially in team collaborations and document editing. How to cross out text on iPhone? Here’s how to make the most of it. For more iPhone tips, like how to see through marker on iPhone, visit our website.

  • Collaborative Document Editing: Strikethrough visually represents text removals or changes in shared documents. It’s a transparent way to show edits without erasing the original text. When revising content, strikethrough combined with comments can clarify why changes are made, fostering understanding among team members.
  • Project Management And To-Do Lists:  In project management tools or shared lists, strikethrough indicates completed tasks, providing a clear overview of progress. Striking through lower-priority tasks can help teams focus on what’s crucial.
  • Email Communication: When replying to emails, use strikethrough for corrections. Hence, it shows what was mistaken and the corrected information, enhancing clarity.
  • Creative Brainstorming: In brainstorming sessions, strikethroughs can track the evolution of ideas, showing how concepts have been refined or changed over time.

Exporting Documents With Strikethrough Formatting

Here is how you can export documents with different formats and applications.

Exporting From Pages:

  1. Finalise Your Document: Ensure your document in Pages has the desired strikethrough formatting.
  2. Export the Document: Go to ‘File’ > ‘Export To’ and select your preferred format (e.g., PDF, Word).
  3. Maintain Formatting: Ensure the exported format supports strikethrough to retain the formatting in the exported document.

How to cross out text on iPhone? Exporting From Mail:

  1. Prepare Your Email: Compose your email in the Mail app with strikethrough formatting as needed.
  2. Convert To PDF: On your iPhone, use the ‘Print’ option to access the ‘Save as PDF’ feature.
  3. Share Or Save The PDF: Export the PDF with the strikethrough intact, ready to be shared or stored.

Different formats and applications may handle strikethrough formatting differently, so choosing the right export format is important.

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Accessibility And Use Cases Of Strikethrough Text 

Strikethrough text is more than a formatting style; it’s an accessibility asset. How to cross out text on iPhone? Let’s delve into how it benefits users and its diverse applications.

  • Visual Clarity In Educational Materials: For learners, especially those with learning disabilities, strikethrough text can highlight changes or corrections, making it easier to track and understand content evolution.
  • Improving Web Accessibility: Strikethrough text can be recognised by screen readers, offering a richer web browsing experience for visually impaired users.
  • Clear Communication: It helps convey changes or updates clearly, ensuring information accessibility for all users.
  • Use Cases In Everyday Life: Strikethrough in digital shopping lists indicates what items have been purchased. For writers and editors, strikethrough is essential for marking text for deletion without losing context.
  • The Role Of Strikethrough In Inclusion: Strikethrough text supports diverse learning and communication needs, playing a key role in creating inclusive digital environments.

Formatting Options In Messaging Apps 

Text formatting, including strikethrough, enhances how we communicate in messaging apps. Hence, let’s look at the capabilities of some popular platforms.

  • WhatsApp: Basic Formatting: Offers bold, italic, and strikethrough. Strikethrough is applied by enclosing text in tildes (e.g., text).
  • Slack: Rich Text Editor: Allows multiple formatting options, including strikethrough, to make workplace communication clear and effective.
  • Telegram: Offers bold and italic, but strikethrough isn’t natively supported.

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How do you use strikethrough in emails on an iPhone?

To use strikethrough in the Mail app on your iPhone, create a new message and type your text. Double-tap a word to select it, tap the 'Aa' button above the keyboard, and then choose the strikethrough icon to apply to the selected text .

Is there a way to use strikethrough text in iMessage or text messages on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Messages app on iPhone doesn't support text formatting, including strikethrough. However, you can create the strikethrough text in another app, like Pages or Word, and then copy and paste it into your message .

Can you put a strikethrough text in HTML or word processors?

Yes, you can use the ~~ tag for strikethrough text in HTML. Use the 'Text Effects' or 'Change Case' option for strikethrough formatting in word processors like Microsoft Word. In presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote, you can add strikethrough to text using text formatting options .

Where is the BIU button on the iPhone?

The BIU (Bold, Italic, Underline) button is typically found in the formatting options of apps that support text styling, such as the Mail app. It is not available in the Messages app for iMessage or SMS texts .

How do you cross out text in notes on your iPhone?

To cross out text in the Notes app on iPhone, select the text you want to strikethrough, then tap on the 'BIU' button and choose the strikethrough option. If you don’t see this option directly, it may not be supported in your Notes version .


Strikethrough text, a seemingly minor feature, carries significant importance and versatility in iPhone usage. From enhancing clarity in email communication to aiding in educational accessibility, strikethrough text is more than just a formatting tool. Its application in various scenarios like document editing, team collaboration, and personal note-taking illustrates its adaptability and utility in our digital age. Furthermore, its integration into messaging apps underscores the evolving nature of digital communication, enabling users to express nuances and changes more effectively.

How to cross out text on iPhone? Strikethrough’s role in ensuring information is accessible and understandable, particularly for those with learning disabilities, highlights its contribution to creating more inclusive digital spaces. Whether marking completed tasks in a to-do list or signifying edits in a shared document, strikethrough text on the iPhone is a small feature with a big impact. Hence, it embodies the idea that in the world of technology, even the simplest features can profoundly affect our daily digital interactions.

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