How To Get SIM Card Out Of An iPhone Without Tool?

Have you ever needed to remove your iPhone’s SIM card, but the official tool is nowhere in sight? Don’t panic! 

To remove a SIM card from an iPhone without a tool, gently insert a small paperclip, safety pin, or earring into the SIM tray hole. So, apply light pressure until the tray pops out.

This article will guide you through safe and simple alternative methods to do the job without special tools.

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What Is iPhone’s SIM Card Tray?

Every iPhone has a SIM card tray. It’s usually on the right side of the phone. So, the tray’s design can vary depending on your iPhone model. For example, the iPhone SE’s tray is on the top, while the iPhone 13’s is on the side. Hence, it’s essential to locate it correctly before attempting to remove it.

What Are The Tools You Can Use?

Lost your SIM ejector tool? No worries! Here are some household items you can use:

  • Paperclip: Unfold it to create a straight, thin tool.
  • Safety Pin: Make sure it’s small enough to fit into the hole.
  • Push Pin: The sharp end can easily fit into the tray’s hole.
  • Staple: Straighten one end of a staple to use.
  • Earring: A thin, wire-like earring can work in a pinch.
  • Toothpick: Be gentle, as toothpicks can break easily.
  • Keychain: Some keychains come with an attached SIM ejector tool.

These tools can be used to safely eject your iPhone’s SIM card tray. So, remember to apply gentle pressure and be careful not to damage your device.

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How To Remove The SIM Card Out Of iPhone?

Removing your SIM card is easy if you follow these steps. Hence, here’s how to do it with each tool:

  • Using A Paperclip: Straighten the paperclip. Gently insert the end into the SIM tray hole. So, apply light pressure until the tray pops out.
  • Using A Safety Pin: Choose a small safety pin. Carefully insert it into the hole and press gently.
  • Using A Push Pin: Align the sharp end with the tray hole. Push gently until the tray releases.
  • Using A Staple: Straighten one end of the staple. Insert it into the hole and apply light pressure.
  • Using An Earring: Use a thin, wire-like earring. Hence, insert it gently and push until the tray comes out.
  • Using A Toothpick: Carefully insert the toothpick. Apply very gentle pressure to avoid breaking it.
  • Using A Keychain: If your keychain has a SIM ejector tool, use it like the official tool. Insert and push gently.

For all methods, make sure the tool is aligned with the hole. So, apply gentle pressure to avoid damaging your iPhone.

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How To Reinsert The SIM Card?

Once you’ve removed the SIM card, here’s how to put it back:

  1. Place The SIM Card: Ensure the SIM card is correctly aligned with the tray.
  2. Insert The Tray: Gently slide the tray back into the iPhone. Hence, make sure it’s flush with the phone’s body.

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How do I open the SIM card tray if I don't have the ejector tool?

Use a small paperclip, safety pin, or earring to press into the tray hole and eject it gently.

Can I use a toothpick to remove my iPhone's SIM card?

Yes, but be gentle to avoid breaking the toothpick inside the tray hole.

Is it safe to use alternative tools to remove the SIM card?

Apply gentle pressure and use a tool that fits the tray hole without forcing it.

What should I do if the SIM card tray doesn't eject?

Double-check that you're using the correct hole and applying enough pressure. If it still doesn't work, visit an Apple Store or authorized service provider.

Can using a non-standard tool damage my iPhone's SIM tray?

There's a risk if you apply too much force or use a tool that is too large. Always proceed with caution.


Removing and reinserting your iPhone’s SIM card is straightforward. Remember to be gentle whether you use a paperclip, safety pin, or another tool. So, following these tips will help you avoid any damage to your iPhone.

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