How To Strikethrough Text On iPhone?

Have you ever glanced at a text on your iPhone and wished to mark it without losing the original words? Strikethrough is your go-to feature, blending clarity with visual impact. So, dive into the simplicity of crossing out text, transforming how you highlight revisions or celebrate completed tasks. 

To strikethrough text on an iPhone, use the Pages app: select the text, tap the paintbrush icon, and choose “Strike Through” under the style options. 

This guide unveils the quick steps to strikethrough text on your iPhone, making your digital notes, emails, and documents as dynamic as your thoughts.

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How To Use Pages App For Strikethrough?

To add strikethrough to your text in the Pages app on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Pages App: Begin by opening the Pages app. So, this is where your document creation and editing journey starts.
  2. Select Text: Find the words you want to cross out. Tap and hold, then drag to select the specific text.
  3. Access Formatting Tools: Look for the paintbrush icon at the top. This is your gateway to all formatting tools.
  4. Apply Strikethrough: In the formatting menu, tap “Strike Through.” It’s as simple as flipping a switch. However, your selected text now proudly wears a line through its center.

This process turns your ordinary text into a visual cue of completion or change without leaving the Page’s environment.

How To Create A Strikethrough In Emails?

Strikethrough in emails can add clarity and emphasis. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start A New Email: Open your email app and compose a new message.
  2. Type Your Message: Draft the content of your email as usual.
  3. Highlight Text: Touch and hold, then drag to highlight the text you want to strikethrough.
  4. Choose Strikethrough Option: This step varies by email app. Some may require tapping a formatting button (often displayed as an “A” or a paintbrush) to find the strikethrough option. If your email app supports it, tap “Strikethrough” to apply.

Not all email applications directly support strikethrough formatting. Sometimes, you might need to use workaround methods or third-party keyboard apps offering extended formatting options.

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Which Third-Party Apps Allow To Strikethrough?

For those looking to expand their text formatting capabilities beyond the basic options, third-party apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs come to the rescue on the iPhone. These apps support strikethrough and a plethora of advanced formatting features to enhance your documents. For more information on utilizing these features on your device, you might find the guide on how to cross out text on iPhone particularly useful.

  • Microsoft Word, a staple in document creation, offers an intuitive interface for iPhone users. Hence, to apply strikethrough, simply select your text, tap the ‘Home’ tab, and then the ‘Strikethrough’ button. So, it’s perfect for editing documents on the go, ensuring your changes are evident and visually marked.
  • Google Docs follows suit with an equally user-friendly approach. After selecting the text you wish to format, tap the ‘Format’ icon and then ‘Strikethrough’ to apply the desired effect. Google Docs excels in real-time collaboration, making it ideal for shared documents where changes and updates are frequent.

These apps provide strikethrough functionality and offer bold, italic, underline, and text color adjustments, among others. This makes them indispensable tools for anyone looking to create professional and polished documents directly from their iPhone.

What Are The Strikethrough In Notes App?

The Notes app on the iPhone is more versatile than many realize, offering various formatting options, including the possibility of strikethrough. However, while the feature might not be directly accessible as a standalone button, creative workarounds can achieve a similar effect, such as using the checklist feature to mark items as completed, which visually resembles a strikethrough. 

The Notes app is perfect for quick to-do lists, meeting notes, or even jotting spontaneous ideas. So, incorporating strikethrough can help visually prioritize tasks or highlight changes without removing the original text, making it a valuable tool for personal organization and productivity.

Although more complex than in apps dedicated to text editing, the versatility of the Notes app makes it a handy tool for those looking to incorporate strikethrough in their annotations or lists, enhancing the way we organize and interact with our notes.

What Are The Formatting Options In Messaging Apps?

On the iPhone, several messaging apps offer text formatting options, including strikethrough. Notably, WhatsApp stands out for its simple yet effective formatting shortcuts. To apply strikethrough, users must enclose their text within tildes (text). However, this feature is handy for emphasizing conversation corrections or updates without losing the original message’s context.

Telegram is another app that supports various formatting options, including bold, italic, and underline, through markdown and special characters. However, direct strikethrough formatting isn’t natively supported but can be mimicked through bots or using the code block feature as a creative workaround.

These apps enhance communication, allowing users to convey tone and emphasis more effectively in their messages. While not all messaging apps offer extensive formatting capabilities, those that do, like WhatsApp and Telegram, significantly improve the user’s ability to express nuances in text conversations.

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How To Export Strikethrough Text?

Exporting documents with strikethrough formatting from an iPhone is straightforward with apps like Pages, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. When you’re ready to export:

In Pages, tap the ‘…’ icon, select ‘Export,’ and choose your format (PDF, Word, or Pages). So, the exported document will retain all formatting, including strikethrough.

Microsoft Word and Google Docs users can tap the ‘Share’ or ‘Export’ options and select their desired format. However, these apps ensure that strikethrough and other text formatting are preserved in the exported file, maintaining the integrity of the document’s visual cues and edits.

Exporting documents in these formats ensures compatibility across platforms and devices, making it easier to share and view documents without losing important formatting details like strikethrough, which might be crucial for understanding the document’s context or changes.

What Are The Alternative Methods And Limitations?

While iPhones are potent communication and content-creation tools, they need help supporting rich text formatting across all applications. This includes the ability to create and maintain strikethrough text. Besides the native Pages app and popular options like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, alternative apps like Evernote and Bear offer robust text formatting capabilities, including strikethrough. These apps provide creative and productive workspaces for note-taking and document editing with enhanced formatting options.

However, the inherent limitation of iOS devices in handling rich text formatting becomes apparent when attempting to copy and paste formatted text between apps. Strikethrough text and other formatting may sometimes transfer differently than expected due to the lack of universal support for rich text across all iOS applications. However, this inconsistency can hinder the seamless exchange of formatted content, requiring users sometimes to reapply for formatting in the destination app.

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How do I apply strikethrough text on my iPhone?

Use the Pages app, select your text, tap the paintbrush icon, and choose Strike Through in the formatting options.

Can I strikethrough text in iPhone emails?

Yes, some email apps on iPhones allow formatting, including strikethrough. Highlight the text and look for the strikethrough option in the formatting menu.

Are there any third-party apps for strikethrough text on iPhone?

Microsoft Word and Google Docs apps on iPhone support strikethrough and other advanced text formatting features.

Does the Notes app on iPhone support strikethrough text?

Direct strikethrough formatting isn't available in the Notes app, but you can use checklist features for a similar effect.

Can I export strikethrough text from my iPhone?

Yes, export your document as a PDF, Word, or Pages file from apps like Pages or Google Docs to retain strikethrough formatting.


Navigating the strikethrough text feature on the iPhone reveals a blend of capabilities and constraints. While apps like Pages, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs facilitate this formatting, iOS’s limited support for rich text across platforms challenges consistency. 

Recognizing these limitations is critical to managing expectations and finding workarounds that ensure your formatted content remains as intended, regardless of the application. However, as iOS continues to evolve, users can hope for more integrated support for rich text formatting, making strikethrough text and other styles more universally compatible across apps.

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