Bold Text In iPhone iMessage: How To Do It

Imagine typing an iMessage, your words ready to leap off the screen with emphasis, only to find your iPhone’s keyboard lacks the flair of bold text. It’s like having a paintbrush but only monochrome colors at your disposal. How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? This isn’t just a limitation; it’s a barrier to expressing the full spectrum of your emotions and emphasis in your digital conversations.

You’ll need to use third-party keyboard apps or workarounds to bold text in iPhone iMessage, as iOS doesn’t natively support text formatting. Apps like FancyKey or Ifont offer text styling options, including aggressive, which you can copy and paste into your iMessage.

But what if we told you that there’s a way around this? It is a method to bring that much-needed emphasis to your messages to make your words stand out as they should. How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? Let’s unlock the potential of your iPhone’s messaging capabilities and infuse your conversations with the emphasis they deserve.

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Understanding iMessage’s Text Formatting Capabilities

Diving into iMessage, Apple’s messaging powerhouse, reveals a landscape rich in features but surprisingly sparse text formatting options. iMessage, a staple in iOS communication, delivers seamless, encrypted messaging experiences. However, when it comes to native text formatting capabilities such as bolding, italicizing, or underlining text, iMessage’s toolbox is limited.

How to make text bold on iPhone iMessage? This limitation is more than just a minor inconvenience; it’s a missing puzzle piece in digital communication. In our world, where texts often replace face-to-face conversations, the ability to emphasize words is crucial. For more insights into iPhone features, you might find the article on why do iPhone chargers crack interesting, as it explores other aspects of iPhone usage and maintenance. Can you bold text messages on iPhone? It’s the difference between a flat, monotone dialogue and one brimming with the nuances of human expression. Bolding text can convey excitement, urgency, or importance – nuances often lost in plain text.

How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? The need for workarounds to bold text in iMessage reflects a larger narrative: our continuous adaptation and creativity in the face of technological limitations. It’s about bending the digital environment to fit the mold of human expression, not the other way around. This need pushes us to explore third-party apps or built-in features unconventionally, ensuring our digital conversations are as rich and expressive as real-world interactions.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Bold Text In iMessage

How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? Here is a guide below:

  1. Enabling The ‘Subject’ Field In Settings For iMessage: Your first step is to unlock a hidden feature in iMessage – the ‘Subject’ field. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Messages,’ and toggle on ‘Show Subject Field.’ This is akin to discovering a secret weapon in your communication arsenal. In similar vein, exploring innovative solutions, such as how to charge a disposable vape with an iPhone charger, can reveal surprising functionalities in everyday devices.
  2. Using The ‘Subject’ Field In iMessage To Bold Text: The ‘Subject’ field in iMessage automatically bolds text, providing a native workaround. When composing a new message, you’ll see two fields: the top for the subject (bolded) and the bottom for the message body.
  3. Composing And Sending A Message With Bold Text In The Subject Field: Type your emphasized content in the subject field. This text will appear bolded to the recipient. Below it, in the regular field, type your standard message. It’s like using a highlighter to accentuate critical points in a document.

How to bold text on iPhone text message? Use bold text sparingly for maximum impact – think of it as a spice in cooking, best used in moderation. Emphasize keywords or phrases to draw attention or convey urgency. Remember, the power of bold text lies in its ability to break the monotony and add a layer of emphasis to your digital conversations.

While iMessage may not offer direct text formatting options, creativity with the ‘Subject’ field provides a nifty solution. It’s about using the tools at hand innovatively to enrich our digital dialogues, ensuring that our conversations are as dynamic and expressive as they deserve.

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Alternative Methods For Text Emphasis In iMessage 

With iMessage’s lack of direct text formatting features, users often use alternative methods for emphasizing their messages. One common approach is the use of capital letters. Typing a word or phrase in ALL CAPS can convey strong emotion or importance. However, using this method judiciously is crucial, as overuse can be perceived as shouting in the digital world.

Can you bold text in iMessage? Another creative workaround is using asterisks or other symbols to frame text, a method borrowed from early internet chatrooms and forums. For instance, surrounding a word with asterisks (like this) is a universally recognized way of implying emphasis or importance. While not changing the text’s format, this method uses visual cues to draw the reader’s attention. For more on enhancing your iPhone experience, consider checking out how to make a countdown your wallpaper on iPhone, which provides another unique way to personalize your device.

How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? Emojis and symbols offer a vast palette for creative expression in iMessage. Strategic use can add layers of meaning, tone, and emphasis to a message. For example, pairing a sentence with an emoji can reinforce the emotion behind it, be it happiness, sarcasm, or surprise. Symbols like arrows, stars, or custom keyboard characters can also add visual flair and emphasis to your messages.

These methods, while simple, require a touch of creativity and an understanding of the subtleties of digital communication. They represent our innate human desire to convey emotions and nuances, even within the constraints of technology.

Limitations And Considerations 

While ingenious, utilizing the subject field for bold text in iMessage has limitations. Firstly, this method only allows for a limited amount of bold text confined to the subject field. This can be restrictive when you want to emphasize longer messages or multiple parts of a conversation. 

How to bold text in iMessage? Another significant consideration is the recipient’s device and software version. Text formatted in the subject field or using symbols may not appear as intended on non-iOS devices or older versions of iMessage. For those interested in further exploring iPhone functionalities and troubleshooting, the guide on how to see if someone checked your location on iPhone offers additional useful information. This compatibility issue can lead to miscommunication or the loss of intended emphasis, akin to a message losing its color when transitioning from one world to another.

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Can you send bold texts on iMessage?

No, iMessage doesn't natively support sending bold texts. However, you can use workarounds like the subject field or third-party keyboard apps for emphasis.

How do you bold text on your iPhone when typing?

To bold text while typing on an iPhone, use third-party keyboard apps that offer text formatting or utilize the subject field in iMessage for bold-like emphasis.

How do you make text bold when texting?

You can't directly make text bold when texting on an iPhone. Instead, use creative methods like ALL CAPS, asterisks, or unique keyboard apps for emphasis.

Can you bold or underline text on iPhone?

iPhones don’t have a native feature to bold or highlight text in standard texting apps. You need to use alternative methods or third-party apps for this.

How do you highlight or underline text on iPhone?

Highlighting or underlining text isn’t a built-in feature on iPhones. You can use alternative approaches like typing with different symbols or special keyboards for emphasis.


In conclusion, while iMessage does not natively support text bolding, various creative workarounds exist. From using the subject field for bold emphasis to employing capital letters, asterisks, emojis, and symbols, these methods open up avenues for expressive and dynamic messaging.

How to bold text on iPhone iMessage? As you navigate the nuances of digital communication, remember that the essence lies in how effectively you use the available tools. Each method discussed uniquely enhances your messaging experience, allowing your personality and emotions to shine through in the digital realm.

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