How To Watch Netflix Together On iPhone: Enjoying Shared Viewing

Ever felt the distance while watching your favorite Netflix show alone? How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? There you are, watching the latest hit series, laughing or gasping at the twists, but something’s missing – sharing this moment with someone special. Whether it’s a long-distance friend, family, or a partner, not being able to watch together can dim the joy of the experience. 

Using third-party apps like Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) or Rave to watch Netflix together on an iPhone. These apps sync your Netflix playback with others, allowing you to watch similar content simultaneously while chatting or talking. Download the app, choose a Netflix show or movie, and invite friends to join your viewing party.

But what if we told you there’s a way to bridge this gap? Now, with innovative solutions, you can watch Netflix together on your iPhone, syncing the viewing experience, sharing reactions in real-time, and turning solitary streaming into a shared activity. How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? Hence, let’s explore how you can turn your solo Netflix sessions into a virtual movie night!

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Why Watch Netflix Together On iPhone?

Watching Netflix together on an iPhone opens up a world of shared experiences, especially valuable in times when physical togetherness isn’t possible. It’s a way to stay connected with friends and family, regardless of the distance.

For those in long-distance relationships, it bridges the gap, allowing couples to enjoy date nights and experience reactions in real time. Friends can maintain bonds over shared interests in shows and movies. How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? This virtual togetherness creates a sense of community, breaks the monotony of solo watching, and adds a social aspect to streaming, transforming individual experiences into shared memories and discussions. Discover more about enhancing your iPhone experience by learning how to mirror iPhone to PS5.

Using Netflix Party (Teleparty) On iPhone

Netflix Party, now known as Teleparty, has revolutionized synchronized streaming. How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? Hence, here’s how to use it on your iPhone:

  1. Download Teleparty: Install Teleparty from the App Store.
  2. Open Netflix: Launch the Netflix app and sign in.
  3. Choose A Show Or Movie: Select the content you want to watch together.
  4. Create A Teleparty: Open Teleparty and create a new party. It will generate a unique link.
  5. Invite Friends: Share the link easily. So, they’ll need to have Teleparty installed on their devices too.
  6. Sync And Watch: Once everyone joins, play the show or movie. Teleparty will keep everyone’s playback synchronized.
  7. Interact: Use Teleparty’s chat feature to share real-time reactions and comments.

How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? Remember, all participants need a Netflix subscription. Teleparty ensures that everyone is watching the same scene simultaneously, making it feel like a real movie night, even when miles apart.

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Alternative Apps For Watching Netflix Together

Apart from Netflix Party (Teleparty), other apps like Rave and Kast offer synchronized Netflix viewing on iPhone.

  • Rave: Rave combines streaming with social chatting and supports various streaming platforms, including Netflix. Hence, it offers voice chat and the ability to sync with devices globally. For more on Rave and similar apps, check out how to download apps to Hisense Smart TV.
  • Kast: Kast allows for sharing of screens, videos, and movies. It goes beyond streaming, letting users share games and other media.

How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? These apps create a communal viewing experience, each with unique features. Hence, Rave focuses on real-time interaction, while Kast offers a broader sharing platform.

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Tips For A Smooth Group Streaming Experience

How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? For a smooth group streaming experience:

  • Stable Internet Connection: Ensure all participants have a reliable connection to avoid buffering.
  • Use Headphones: To prevent audio feedback and echo, headphones are advisable.
  • Scheduling Across Time Zones: Plan viewing sessions considering different time zones. Use tools like World Clock apps for coordination.
  • Testing Beforehand: Do a quick test run before the actual viewing to iron out any technical issues.
  • App Compatibility: Confirm that everyone has the chosen streaming app installed and understands its functionality.

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Chat And Interaction Features During Netflix Viewing

Apps like Netflix Party offer chat features that enrich the group-watching experience. Hence, these features allow viewers to share reactions and comments in real time, mimicking the experience of watching together in person. How to watch Netflix together on iPhone?

To use these effectively, engage actively in the chat, share thoughts and responses as they arise, and enjoy the banter and discussion that unfold, just as you would in a living room setting. This communal aspect brings a lively and interactive dimension to online streaming. For tips on enhancing your online interactions, you may find how to mess with Snapchat AI insightful.

Setting Up Group Viewing Etiquette

How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? Establishing viewing etiquette is crucial for a harmonious group streaming experience. Agree on rules like avoiding spoilers and being considerate with pause and play controls. Everyone should have a say in these decisions, ensuring a democratic and enjoyable viewing experience.

Being mindful of spoilers and pausing only when necessary makes the session enjoyable. Setting these ground rules in advance can help prevent misunderstandings and ensure the group viewing is pleasant and respectful for all participants. For more on managing group activities and etiquette, consider reading about how to make a countdown your wallpaper on iPhone.


What is Netflix Party (Teleparty)?

Netflix Party, now rebranded as Teleparty is a Netflix Party browser extension that allows synchronized Netflix viewing with friends or family, even at different locations. It includes a group chat for real-time communication .

How do I download Netflix Party on my iPhone?

Download Netflix Party by opening the App Store, searching for Netflix Party, and then installing it. Ensure you have your Netflix credentials to join or create a party .

How can I create a Netflix Party on my iPhone?

Launch the Netflix Party app, tap Create Party, choose a show on Netflix, and share the party URL with friends. They can join via their web browser on any supported device .

How do I join a Netflix Party on my iPhone?

Open your web browser, click on a shared party invitation link, and then click Join Party on the Netflix Party webpage. Log into your Netflix account, and you'll join the party .

How can I chat on my iPhone during a Netflix Party?

In the Netflix Party app, join or create a party, then use the chat icon to open a chat window for messaging with friends during the movie or show .


Watching Netflix together on an iPhone transcends physical distances, bringing friends and family closer through shared cinematic journeys. How to watch Netflix together on iPhone? It transforms solitary streaming into an engaging, communal experience. Hence, embrace these innovative options for your next movie night. Whether it’s a rom-com, a thriller, or a series marathon, these tools can turn every stream into a memorable social event. So, gather your virtual couch, pick a show, and get ready to create new memories, one episode at a time!

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