How To Get Emoji On iPhone: Adding Fun To Your Messages

In a digital world where emotions are often conveyed through text, the absence of emojis on your iPhone can feel like speaking without facial expressions. How to get emoji on iPhone? Hence, it’s like trying to express joy, sarcasm, or affection with just plain words – challenging and often misunderstood. Emojis add colour, personality, and clarity to our digital conversations, turning bland texts into lively chats

First, ensure your iOS is updated to get emojis on an iPhone. Then, go to Settings > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard, and select ‘Emoji.’ This will add an emoji keyboard, accessible by tapping the smiley face or globe icon on the standard keyboard while typing.

If you’ve ever felt limited by words alone or struggled to convey the right tone in your messages, unlocking the world of emojis on your iPhone is the solution. How to get emoji on iPhone? Hence, let’s dive into how you can bring these expressive, fun icons into your daily communication, transforming your texts from monochrome to a vibrant palette of emotions.

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Enabling The Emoji Keyboard On iPhone 

To enable the emoji keyboard, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings: Start by tapping your iPhone’s Settings app.
  2. Go To General: Scroll down and select ‘General.’
  3. Access Keyboard Settings: In the General settings, find and tap ‘Keyboard.’
  4. Add New Keyboard: Tap ‘Keyboards’ at the top, then ‘Add New Keyboard.’
  5. Select Emoji: Scroll through the list of available keyboards and choose ‘Emoji.’
  6. Check Activation: The emoji keyboard will now appear in your list of keyboards. How to get emoji on iPhone? Hence, to confirm, it should be listed alongside any other keyboards you have enabled. For a detailed guide on how to enable and use this feature effectively, you might want to read more about managing keyboards on your iPhone.

How to get emoji on iPhone? The emoji keyboard will be present alongside your other keyboards, making switching between different input methods easy.

Using The Emoji Keyboard In Text Fields 

To use the emoji keyboard while typing:

  1. Accessing Emoji Keyboard: Tap the smiley face or globe icon next to the space bar. Hence, this switches to the emoji keyboard.
  2. Navigate Categories: The emoji keyboard is organised into categories, represented by icons at the bottom. Swipe left or right to browse different categories like faces, animals, food, and activities.
  3. Selecting Emojis: Tap on an emoji to select it. Hence, you can then insert the emoji into your text field.
  4. Returning To Text Keyboard: Tap the globe or the ‘ABC’ icon to return to the standard keyboard.
  5. Emoji Search: Some iPhone models allow searching for emojis by name. How to get emoji on iPhone? Hence, tap the search icon on the emoji keyboard and enter the emoji’s name.
  6. Recent Emojis: Frequently used emojis are saved in the ‘Recent’ category for quick access.

By familiarising yourself with the emoji keyboard’s layout and functions, you can enhance your text messages with a wide range of expressive emojis.

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Replacing Text With Emojis 

The iPhone’s text replacement feature allows you to swap out words with emojis for a more expressive message. This feature recognises certain words in your text and suggests corresponding emojis. Hence, to get the most out of this feature and learn how to set up text replacements, check out this article. For example, typing “heart” may prompt the heart emoji as a replacement option.

Other phrases like “happy” could indicate a smiling face emoji, while “birthday” might bring up a birthday cake emoji. How to get emoji on iPhone? This feature adds a fun and visually engaging element to your messages, allowing for a more vibrant and expressive conversation.

Adding Stickers Alongside Emojis 

How to get emoji on iPhone? In addition to emojis, iPhone users can also use stickers in their messages:

  • Stickers In Emoji Keyboard: While the emoji keyboard primarily offers emojis, some integrated sticker options are available, often themed around popular characters or expressions.
  • Downloading Sticker Packs: You can download sticker packs from the App Store. Hence, to find them, visit the App Store, search for sticker packs or specific themes, and download your choice. For those looking to expand their sticker collection, here’s how to find and download sticker packs.
  • Incorporating Stickers In Messages: Once downloaded, these stickers can be accessed within the messages app alongside your emojis. Tapping or dragging them into the conversation can add them to your messages.

How to get emoji on iPhone? Stickers provide a layer of personalisation and fun to your messages, letting you express emotions and thoughts more dynamically.

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Customizing And Organizing Emojis

Customising your emoji keyboard enhances efficiency in communication:

  • Frequently Used Emojis: The emoji keyboard automatically saves your most used emojis in the ‘Frequently Used’ section for easy access.
  • Organising For Efficiency: While you cannot manually rearrange emojis on the keyboard, familiarising yourself with the categories and their icons can speed up your search for the right emoji. How to get emoji on iPhone? Hence, for more tips on customizing and organizing your iPhone’s emoji keyboard, take a look at this guide.


How do I add emojis to my iPhone keyboard?

Go to Settings > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard, then select 'Emoji.'

Can I organise emojis on my iPhone?

Emojis are auto-organized by usage but cannot be manually rearranged.

How do I use stickers in iPhone messages?

Download sticker packs from the App Store and access them alongside emojis in the messages app.

Can I remove the emoji keyboard from my iPhone?

Yes, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards, swipe left on 'Emoji' and tap 'Delete.'

Are there shortcuts for using emojis on iPhone?

Frequently used emojis appear in the 'Frequently Used' section for quick access.


Emojis and stickers on the iPhone offer a vibrant way to enhance digital communication. Hence, they add colour, emotion, and clarity to our messages, making conversations more engaging and expressive. The ease of enabling the emoji keyboard, customising it for quick access to favourite emojis, and incorporating fun stickers transform how we connect in the digital world.

How to get emoji on iPhone? Embrace the world of emojis and stickers, and have fun experimenting with different ways to bring your messages to life. Hence, this playful approach to communication can bring a smile to both the sender and the receiver, making every interaction more memorable.

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