How To Save Recipes On iPhone? 5 Best Apps

Imagine having all your favorite recipes at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days of rummaging through cookbooks or scrolling endlessly through your phone. With the right apps and features, your iPhone becomes a culinary companion, transforming meal planning and grocery shopping into a breeze. 

Use apps like Paprika, Evernote, or Copy Me That to save recipes on your iPhone. Alternatively, utilize the Notes app or bookmark recipes in Safari. Take screenshots and organize them in the Photos app for a quick save.

In this article, we’ll explore the best apps and iOS features for saving recipes and making your cooking journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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5 Apps For Saving Recipes On iPhone

Below are the best apps for saving recipes on iPhone:

  • Paprika Recipe Manager: Paprika is a game-changer for home cooks. It offers seamless cloud sync, making your recipes accessible on all devices. Hence, the app excels in web importing, allowing you to save recipes from any website easily. Plus, it has features like grocery lists and monthly meal planning. Paprika isn’t free, but its functionality makes it worth the cost.
  • Evernote For Recipes: Evernote isn’t just for notes; it’s a powerful tool for organizing recipes. You can tag recipes for easy searching and access them from anywhere. Its robust search capabilities make finding your favorite dishes a breeze. Transform your recipe collection with Evernote’s digital efficiency.
  • Copy Me That: Copy Me That offers a seamless recipe management experience. It’s a free app with a built-in browser, making adding recipes from the web simple. So, organize your recipes with tags and plan your meals with ease. Copy Me That is a budget-friendly option for digital recipe management.
  • Plan To Eat: Plan To Eat takes meal planning to the next level. However, it’s an online app that helps you organize recipes, create automated grocery lists, and plan meals. The app streamlines the meal planning process, making eating healthily and saving time easier.
  • Pepperplate: Pepperplate is a versatile app for managing recipes, creating menus, and planning meals. Hence, it also generates shopping lists, making grocery shopping more efficient. Available across various devices, Pepperplate is a comprehensive tool for organizing your culinary life.

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How To Use iOS Features To Save Recipes?

Here are the different ways to use the iOS feature.

Utilizing Notes App For Recipe Storage

The Notes app on your iPhone is a convenient tool for saving recipes. Start by creating a new note for each recipe. Hence, you can organize your recipes by creating folders for categories like desserts, main courses, or healthy options. So, sharing recipes is easy, too—just tap the share icon and send them to friends or family. Use the Notes app to keep your recipes handy and organized.

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Bookmarking Recipes In Safari

Safari, the default browser on your iPhone, makes it easy to bookmark your favorite recipe web pages. Hence, when you find a recipe you like, tap the share icon and select “Add Bookmark.” You can organize your bookmarks into folders, such as “Desserts” or “Quick Dinners,” for easy access. This way, your favorite recipes are just a few taps away whenever needed.

Additional Ways to Organize Recipes on iPhone

Using Screenshots And Albums In Photos

An easy way to save recipes on your iPhone is by taking screenshots. Hence, when you come across a recipe you like, simply take a screenshot. Then, go to the Photos app and create a new album specifically for your recipes. This way, you can keep all your recipes in one place, organized and easily accessible.

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Voice Memos For Recipe Collection

Voice Memos is a creative tool for collecting recipes. Instead of writing everything down, you can record the recipe details or cooking instructions. This is especially handy when you’re trying out a new recipe or want to remember specific tips. So, simply play back the memo while cooking for a hands-free guide.


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Organizing your recipes digitally on your iPhone brings immense convenience to cooking and grocery shopping. Hence, with apps and built-in iOS features, you can easily access, share, and manage your favorite recipes, making meal planning a breeze.

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