How To Save Transparent Image On iPhone? 4 Easy Steps

Are you a designer or social media enthusiast striving for perfection in your visual content? The key might lie in mastering image transparency! 

Use an app like or Background Eraser to save a transparent image on your iPhone. After removing the background, save the image in PNG format to preserve its transparency.

In this article, we’ll dive into the exciting world of background removal, focusing on iOS 16’s innovative features, exploring online tools like, and unveiling creative applications that will elevate your digital creativity. So, get ready to transform your images and captivate your audience!

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What Is The iOS 16 Background Removal Feature?

With iOS 16, iPhone users can now enjoy a game-changing feature: background removal directly from their devices. So, this AI detection technology allows for quick and accurate image cutouts, making creating transparent images easier than ever without professional editing software.

How To  Save Transparent Image Directly On iPhone? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to save transparent images and remove backgrounds directly on iPhone using iOS 16:

  1. Open the Photos app and select the image you want to edit.
  2. Tap on the “Edit” button in the top right corner.
  3. Look for the “Remove Background” option and tap on it. Hence, iOS 16 will automatically detect and remove the background.
  4. Once the background is removed, tap “Done” to save your transparent image in PNG format.

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How To Use Online Tools Like is a powerful online tool that offers seamless background removal capabilities. Here is how to use on iPhone to make images transparent. To use it on your iPhone:

  1. Visit the website in your browser.
  2. Tap “Upload Image” and select the photo you wish to edit.
  3. The tool automatically removes the background, leaving you with a transparent image.
  4. Download the image in PNG format to preserve its transparency.

Hence, here are the tips for editing and refining the transparent image using

  • Zoom in and use the brush tool to refine edges and ensure a clean cutout.
  • Experiment with the different editing techniques available on to enhance your image.
  • Permanently save your final image in PNG format to maintain transparency when using it in other projects.

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What Are The Creative Applications Of Transparent Images?

Transparent images open up a world of creative possibilities. Fashion enthusiasts can catalog outfits by layering transparent images of clothing items. Food bloggers can create stunning presentations by isolating dishes from their backgrounds. However, pet lovers can craft adorable collages of their furry friends, and meme creators can easily design hilarious content.

Inspiration From iOS Users And The Impact Of Transparent Images On Digital Creativity: The introduction of iOS 16’s background removal feature has inspired digital creativity among iPhone users. So, social media feeds are now filled with innovative designs and artwork that leverage transparent images. Hence, this trend is pushing the boundaries of visual design and inspiring others to explore the endless possibilities of image editing.

How do you use Collart To create transparent images?

Collart is a popular app for creating transparent images with its user-friendly interface and advanced features:

  1. Download Collart from the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and select the image you want to edit.
  3. Use the “Magic Eraser” tool to remove the background automatically or the “Manual Eraser” for more precise control.
  4. Save your image in PNG format to retain its transparency.

Comparison with Other Apps like Background Eraser: Superimpose and PhotoScissors:

  • Superimpose offers a simple interface for quick background removal but lacks some of the advanced features of Collart.
  • PhotoScissors provide more precise control over the editing process, making it ideal for complex images but may have a steeper learning curve.

Hence, Collart balances ease of use and advanced features, making it a versatile choice for beginners and experienced users.

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What Is The Role Of Apple Pages In Image Editing?

Apple Pages isn’t just for documents; it also offers image editing capabilities. So, the Instant Alpha tool is a hidden gem for removing backgrounds:

  1. Open your document in Pages and insert the image you want to edit.
  2. Select the image and click the “Format” button in the top right corner.
  3. Choose “Image” and then “Instant Alpha.”
  4. Click and drag on the background you wish to remove. So, release the mouse when the desired area is highlighted in red.
  5. Press “Delete” to remove the background, creating a transparent image.


How do I make a picture transparent on my iPhone?

To make a picture transparent on your iPhone, you can use apps like Background Eraser: Superimpose or PhotoScissors. These apps allow you to remove the background and save the image as a PNG to maintain transparency.

Can I remove the background of a photo on my iPhone?

Yes, with iOS 16, you can remove the background of a photo directly on your iPhone. Use the built-in background removal feature in the Photos app to make your images transparent.

What app can I use to make a transparent background on my iPhone?

You can use apps like or Collart to create a transparent background on your iPhone. These apps offer easy-to-use tools for background removal and image editing.

How do I save a transparent image on my iPhone?

After making an image transparent using an app, save it as a PNG file to preserve the transparency. Some apps automatically save in this format, while others require you to select PNG when saving.


Whether you’re using iOS 16’s built-in background removal feature, online tools like, third-party apps like Collart, or even Apple Pages, the world of transparent images is at your fingertips. Hence, these tools offer endless possibilities for creative expression, from cataloging outfits to designing memes. Embrace the power of transparency and unleash your digital creativity!

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