Viewing Dislikes On YouTube For iPhone: A Guide

In a realm where digital applause and critique reign supreme, the disappearance of dislikes on YouTube videos on your iPhone feels like a curtain drawn over the audience’s reaction. This change leaves creators and viewers alike grappling with a pressing dilemma: how can you gauge genuine feedback in a world that shows only half the picture? How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? However, the frustration mounts as you seek a way to peek behind this digital veil. Uncovering this hidden metric isn’t just about numbers; it’s a more profound yearning for authenticity and transparency in the content we consume and create.

YouTube doesn’t display dislike counts on videos, including the iPhone app. This change was made platform-wide. However, some third-party browser extensions and apps claim to restore these metrics, but their reliability and safety can vary.

The solution lies in navigating the technical landscape and understanding the evolving dynamics of digital platforms. How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? By exploring this territory, we can rediscover the balance between visibility and privacy, between knowing and wondering.

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Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions like “Return YouTube Dislike” have emerged as a popular workaround for those missing the dislike count on YouTube. These extensions can modify the YouTube interface to display dislike counts. The accuracy of these counts is approximate, as they may rely on historical data or user-contributed dislike metrics, which might only partially reflect real-time statistics.

Can you see dislikes on YouTube? Yes. The compatibility of these extensions varies, with most supporting common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Users need to add the extension to their browser simply, and upon visiting YouTube, the dislike counts will be visible alongside the like counts on videos. 

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Utilizing YouTube API For Developers 

For those with technical expertise, accessing YouTube’s API presents an alternative method to retrieve video statistics, including dislikes. This approach requires a good understanding of programming and working with APIs. By using the YouTube API, developers can query specific video data, which may include detailed statistics like view count, likes, and dislikes.

How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? This method offers a more direct and potentially accurate way to access these metrics, as the data comes straight from YouTube’s servers. However, it’s crucial to understand that this is a more complex route unsuitable for the average user. Hence, it’s ideal for developers or those with coding skills who can navigate the intricacies of API requests and data parsing. However, this approach also allows customized data analysis, catering to specific needs or projects.

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Jailbroken iOS Devices

Jailbreaking iOS devices opens up the possibility of using various modifications, including those that could display YouTube dislike counts. This process involves removing software restrictions imposed by iOS, allowing users to install apps and tweaks not available in the Apple App Store. How to see dislikes on YouTube? One such modification could be a tweak to access dislike counts on YouTube.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution with jailbreaking. To understand more about the intricacies and challenges of managing iOS devices, you might find how to remove SOS from iPhone helpful. This process can void your device’s warranty and expose it to security vulnerabilities. Jailbroken devices are more susceptible to malware and may encounter stability issues.

Using The YouTube Dislikes Shortcut On iOS 

The “YouTube Dislikes” shortcut for iOS devices provides an innovative way to view dislike counts on YouTube. This user-friendly solution for iOS users wishing to see YouTube videos’ dislike counts can be complemented with additional knowledge on iPhone features, such as how to add moon phases to iPhone calendar, enhancing overall device usage. This shortcut, installed via the Shortcuts app, integrates with the Return YouTube Dislike API to fetch and display like and dislike counts.

How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? To use this shortcut, you first need to download the Shortcuts app. Then, find and add the “YouTube Dislikes” shortcut, which works explicitly with the Return YouTube Dislike API. Once installed, when you watch a YouTube video, you can share the video to this shortcut, and it will display the likes and dislikes counts.

How to show dislikes on YouTube? This method offers a seamless integration that doesn’t require jailbreaking or extensive technical knowledge. Hence, it’s a user-friendly solution for iOS users wishing to see YouTube videos’ dislike counts. 

YouTube Dislike Checker App For iOS

The “YouTube Dislike Checker” app is available on the iOS App Store. Hence it offers a solution for users seeking to view dislike counts on YouTube videos. This app, designed for iOS devices, integrates smoothly with iPhones and iPads, providing a user-friendly data access interface.

How to see YouTube dislikes on iPhone? Once installed, the app allows users to search for YouTube videos within the app itself. However, it then displays both like and dislike counts. So, it’s a convenient tool for those who miss this feature on the official YouTube app. Hence, providing an alternative way to gauge audience reactions to videos.

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Viewing Dislike Counts In YouTube Studio For Creators 

For content creators, YouTube Studio remains a valuable resource for detailed analytics, including the ability to view dislike counts on their videos. This feature is crucial for creators as it provides insights into audience feedback, essential for understanding the reception of their content and guiding future creations.

How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? In YouTube Studio, creators can access detailed statistics for each video, including view counts, likes, and dislikes. This data allows creators to analyze viewer engagement and preferences, helping them to tailor their content strategy accordingly. For instance, many dislikes prompt creators to revisit their content approach or explore topics that resonate better with their audience.

How to check dislikes on YouTube? Understanding audience feedback through dislikes and other metrics in YouTube Studio equips creators with the information needed to enhance their content and grow their channel. It’s a tool that balances the quantitative aspects of content performance with qualitative audience insights, fostering a data-informed approach to content creation. For those interested in expanding their digital skills, learning about how to mirror iPhone to PS5 could offer additional insights into the world of digital content and device interconnectivity.


How can I see the number of dislikes on a YouTube video?

As of December 2021, dislikes are no longer publicly displayed on YouTube videos. However, you can use the Return YouTube Dislike extension on Chrome to see the dislike counts on videos.

Can I see who specifically disliked a video?

No, YouTube does not disclose users' identities who dislike a video. Dislikes are anonymous and are meant to provide general feedback.

Are dislikes a reliable indicator of a video's quality?

Dislikes should not be the sole measure of a video's quality. Other factors like content, engagement, and overall viewer feedback are also essential.

Can content creators remove dislikes from their videos?

No, content creators cannot remove dislikes from their YouTube videos. Dislikes are part of the engagement metrics and reflect viewer feedback.

Do dislikes affect a video's visibility or performance?

Dislikes do not directly impact a video's visibility or performance in YouTube's search algorithms, but they can influence viewer perception and may affect engagement levels .


In conclusion, dislikes on YouTube serve as a crucial metric for viewers and creators. Hence, offering an honest gauge of audience reception. They provide valuable feedback for content improvement. However, it’s essential to balance protecting creators from potential harassment and upholding transparency in viewer reactions. How to see dislikes on YouTube iPhone? This balance fosters a healthier, more constructive digital environment where creators can grow and adapt based on genuine viewer feedback. Hence, viewers can make better choices about the content they consume.

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