How To Curve Text In Cricut On iPhone: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Imagine you’re crafting a custom design, your creativity flowing, but suddenly, you hit a roadblock – your text looks too plain, too linear. In the design world, especially when using Cricut on your iPhone, the ability to curve text isn’t just a feature. How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? It’s a necessity. It’s the difference between a design that’s just ‘nice’ and one that leaps out, grabs attention, and resonates with its audience. 

To curve text in Cricut on an iPhone, open the Cricut Design Space app, select the text you want to curve, and then use the ‘Curve’ tool in the editing menu. Adjust the diameter to make your text curve more or less, creating the perfect arc for your design.

The frustration of not knowing how to add that creative flair can be disheartening. How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? Hence, but what if we told you that curving text in Cricut on your iPhone is simpler than you think? 

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Getting Started With Cricut Design Space On iPhone

Embarking on your Cricut journey begins with a simple tap on your iPhone’s Cricut Design Space app. Once it springs to life, initiate your creative adventure by selecting the ‘New Project’ button. How to curve text Cricut design space iPhone? This is where your ideas transform from mere thoughts into something tangible. For beginners, you might find this comprehensive guide on how to use Draggan AI helpful, offering insights into creative tools that can complement your Cricut projects.

How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? As you enter the realm of creation, you’ll find the user interface of Cricut Design Space is like a playground for your imagination. Hence, the key to your text manipulation project is a set of tools that may seem daunting initially but are allies in your creative quest. The bottom of the screen hosts a toolbar, your command center for creativity. Here, you’ll find icons that seem to whisper, “Tap me to create magic!”

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How To Add And Format Text?

Tap on the ‘Text’ icon to breathe life into your words, and a world of possibilities opens up. Your words materialize on the canvas as you type, ready to be molded into your vision. It’s like planting and watching a seed grow, with each letter being a branch of your creative expression.

How to curve words on Cricut on iPhone? The true artistry in curving text lies in the choice of font and the finesse of adjustment. Hence, tap on your text, and a selection of fonts appears, each with personality and flair. Choose one that resonates with your project’s soul. As you select a font, envision how it will curve, twist, and turn, adding depth and emotion to your design. How to curve text on Cricut app iPhone? Next, adjust settings like size, alignment, and letter spacing. This is akin to tuning an instrument to perfection, ensuring every note, or in this case, every letter harmoniously aligns with your artistic symphony. With this, you’re not just adding text; you’re weaving a story that curves and flows, engaging and enchanting your audience.

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Curving The Text

To start curving your text, first ensure your text is selected. With a tap on your text, the editing menu becomes your canvas. Here lies the magic wand – the ‘Curve’ tool. It might seem unassuming, but it can transform your text from plain to extraordinary. You’ll find it nestled among other options, waiting for your tap to unleash its potential.

How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? As you select the ‘Curve’ tool, a slider appears, a simple yet powerful control. Sliding to the right curls your text into a smile, while sliding left turns it into a frown. Hence, this slider is your dial to fine-tune the emotion of your text. Adjusting the curvature is like bending light; a little goes a long way. So, for those seeking more advanced text manipulation techniques, consider exploring tips on advanced iPhone features. Keep an eye on your text as you slide; watch each letter dance into place, forming the perfect arc.

How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? Sometimes, your creative vision demands precision that goes beyond a slider. Here, manual adjustments come into play. You can tweak individual letters, adjusting their rotation and position, ensuring each character aligns with your artistic intent. It’s like adjusting each note in a melody for that perfect harmony.

Finalizing And Exporting The Design

Once your text curves to your satisfaction, it’s time to finalize the design. Hence, this is where you step back, admire your work, and make any last-minute adjustments. How to curve text in Cricut on phone? Ensure everything is in harmony – the curvature, spacing, and overall composition. This final touch is what separates good design from great. After this, if you’re looking to take your design to the next level, you might want to learn about different iPhone photography tips that can help you showcase your Cricut creations in the best light.

How to make curved text in Cricut on iPhone? Now, to bring your design from digital to physical. Hence, tap the ‘Make It’ button, and Cricut Design Space will guide you through exporting. Whether cutting vinyl, paper, or fabric, or simply saving your design for further editing, the app ensures your curved text is ready to make its mark in the real world.

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Can I Curve Text in Cricut Design Space on iPhone?

Yes, you can curve text in Cricut Design Space on your iPhone. This feature lets you add a unique touch to your projects by curving or angling the text easily within the app.

How Do You Curve Text in Cricut Design Space on iPhone?

Launch the app and create your text using the Text tool to curve text in Cricut Design Space on your iPhone. Then, select the Curve Text option to adjust the curvature with a slider and finalize your design.

Can You Curve Text on the Cricut Mobile App?

The Cricut mobile app, including the iPhone version, supports the text-curving feature. This allows users to add creatively curved or angled text to their designs.

Can You Curve Text in Cricut Design Space on iPad?

Like the iPhone, Cricut Design Space on the iPad also offers the ability to curve text, enabling users to create unique and eye-catching designs with minimal effort.

Can You Download Fonts for Cricut on iPhone?

While downloading fonts for Cricut on iPhone is a challenge, several resources are available to help you find and use the right fonts for your projects, enhancing your designs' overall look and feel.


In conclusion, curving text in Cricut Design Space on your iPhone is an art that opens up a world of creative possibilities. From adding a simple arch to creating intricate text designs, the journey from plain text to a curved masterpiece is rewarding and enjoyable.

How to curve text in Cricut on iPhone? Experiment with different fonts and curvatures. So, use curved text for personalized gifts, unique home decor, or eye-catching event decorations. Remember, each curve in your text adds character and emotion to your design, turning simple projects into memorable creations. Hence, let your creativity flow and watch your designs come to life with the power of curved text.

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