Fix: IDT High Definition Audio Codec A Device Attached To The System Is Not Functioning

Over its predecessors, Windows 10 represents a significant advancement. However, Microsoft was unable to rid it of errors and flaws completely. No matter how many updates you make, a few issues still exist and bother the users. One such mistake that might happen for several reasons is the IGT HD Audio Codec Driver issue. This article will explore all fixes for IDT high definition audio codec a device attached to the system is not functioning.

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After a large Windows 10 update, IGT HD Audio CODEC Driver-equipped computers frequently experience a problem that prevents them from being able to play or listen to any audio. Inconsistent drivers, incorrect settings, or comparison problems can contribute to the error.

Audio is very important for every purpose, especially after the pandemic. If you are facing issues with your audio, then it is time to fix them all. Click here to start fixing audio services not responding to errors.

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4 Ways To Fix: IDT High Definition Audio Codec A Device Attached To The System Is Not Functioning

Fortunately, you are only at a place to take a few steps to fix the problem, which we’ve described in this piece.

Reinstall The IDT HD Audio CODEC Driver

The steps that are listed below will show you how to reinstall your IDT Audio Driver on Windows 10:

  1. Click the Search icon on your bar
  2. Enter “Device Manager” in the search field (no quotes). Out of the results, pick Device Manager.device manager
  3. Open the Device Manager and expand the contents of the “Sound, video, and gaming controllers” category.
  4. Select Update Driver from the results after selecting IDT High Definition Audio CODEC with the right-click.sound controller
  5. From the drop-down menu on the new window, choose “Browse my computer for driver software.” 
  6. Click Next after selecting High Definition Audio Device. A notice of caution will appear. To continue, click Yes.

The IDT HD Audio CODEC driver will successfully reinstall after completing these procedures.

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Install Through Compatibility Mode

Some drivers for earlier Windows editions are compatible with Windows 10. So that you may fix the problem, try installing the IDT HD Audio CODEC driver in compatibility mode. Firstly, visit the manufacturer’s website and download the correct operating system and CPU driver. Then these are the actions:

  1. Search your computer’s Downloads folder for the driver setup file at this time. You must right-click on the setup file rather than the standard procedure of double-clicking the installer.
  2. The context menu will let you choose
  3. Select the option to “Run this software in compatibility mode for,” then confirm that you are on the Compatibility menu.compatibility
  4. From the drop-down option, choose an earlier release of Windows. Clicking OK closes the dialogue box. By double-clicking the setup file, the installation procedure may start.

After completing the operation, restart your computer by following the on-screen directions.

Use Auslogics Driver Updater

As you can see, replacing the IDT HD Audio CODEC driver via the Device Manager might be challenging. Finding the correct driver for your machine on the manufacturer’s website might also be time-consuming. 


Fortunately, there is a more straightforward approach to solving the problem. Auslogics Driver Updater is what we advise using if you want to resolve the IDT HD Audio CODEC driver issue quickly and easily. Once you’ve installed the application, you must click a button to get your computer to resolve any driver-related issues. The fault related to the IDT HD Audio CODEC driver will be resolved after the operation finishes. Additionally, you will see a notable boost in the general performance of your PC.

Download: Auslogics Driver Updater

Turn On “Automatic” For Audio Service

Try changing Windows 10’s Audio service to “Automatic” if the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver problem still occurs after trying the abovementioned solutions. Follow these directions to get started:

  1. Click the Windows symbol in the taskbar and select “Right Click.” Pick Run from the
  2. When the Run dialogue box appears, enter “services. msc” (without the quotes) and click OK.
  3. The context menu will let you choose
  4. Launch the drop-down menu next to Startup Type.
  5. Choose Automatic from the list of possibilities. Press OK.

Once your computer has restarted, see if the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver issue fixes.

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What is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC Driver?

EliteGroup Computer System offers the IDT High-Definition Audio Codec, a free program that supports High Definition Audio.

IDT Audio removal—would it be a wise decision on my part?

You can. Browse my PC and go to the control panel to remove IDT from Windows 10! To uninstall it, use the Add/Remove Program component.

Is the Realtek HD Audio Driver Required?

Without this Driver, using your sound device will result in plenty of audio problems. It is not necessary to connect new speakers or use the built-in sound of your system when using the Realtek High Definition Audio Manager to enhance your audio design.


One of the most frequent causes of sound issues on PCs is a problem with the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver in Windows 10. A solid program like Auslogics Driver Updater is more effective than the manual methods mentioned in this post. Therefore, you should consider using this software application to save time and work while avoiding hazards. Hoping that this article has solved the issue- IDT high definition audio codec a device attached to the system is not functioning.

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