How To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup?

The Steam gaming application is one of the most popular and run-down purchasing, downloading, creating, and playing games. If you have downloaded Steam or want to do so, you might be pretty familiar with the issue of it popping up as soon as you start your PC. No matter how much you like games, you wouldn’t want Steam to be one of the first applications to open when you boot your PC. It can also be the theoretical cause of slower startups and clogged bandwidths, as it runs along with various other startup services. Wondering how to stop Steam from opening on startup? steam

Thankfully, you’ve landed in the right place! You don’t have to uninstall Steam to do this. You can disable its startup feature. Here is the step-by-step guide that will assist you in stopping Steam from opening on startup. Read this article on what to do to change Microsoft Excel Lengend Text.

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Steps On How To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup

When you download and install Steam on your PC, it is a default application. This means that it will automatically initiate whenever you start your PC. You’ll have to remove it from your startup applications to avoid this.

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Various methods to stop Steam from opening on startup are mentioned below, so let’s see how to turn off Steam AutoStart.

Method  1 Through The Steam Settings

By default, in Steam, the “run when my computer starts” option is checked. Unchecking the same will resolve the issue. To do so,

  1. Run the Steam client on your system. From the top left corner, select the Steam menu.
  2. Now, choose “Settings” if you’re on Windows and “Preferences” on Mac.settings
  3. Select “Interface” on the left-hand side.
  4. Find the “Run Steam when my computer starts” option, uncheck it, and click OK.

Now Steam will only open when you start it manually.

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Alternatively, if you’re on Windows, you can fix this issue in three ways.

Method 2 Via Task Manager

With help from the Task Manager, you can prevent Steam from opening automatically on startup. This method ensures that the Steam client bootstrapper remains inactive when you log in.

  1. Run the Task Manager in Windows (click the Ctrl+alt+delete keys and select Task Manager). task manager
  2. In the “Startup” tab, “Steam client bootstrapper.”
  3. Choose the “disable” option from the context menu by right-clicking.

Thus this will ensure that Steam doesn’t open even if the case mentioned in the above method is applicable.

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Method 3 Want To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup Try  Through Startup Applications

The startup application feature in Windows also provides an easier way to do so.

  1. Go to the Windows icon at the bottom of your screen or press the Windows key. laptop
  2. Look for “startup applications” and click on it.
  3. Locate the Steam client bootstrapper and toggle it to “off.”

This removes Steam from its default setting of being a startup application.

Method 4 By Disabling Steam Services

While the preceding steps should resolve the issue, this step can ensure that it does.

  1. Firstly, go to Task Manager and open the “services” tab. task manager
  2. Locate “Steam client bootstrapper” or search for “Steam client service.
  3. Select “Open Services” and locate “Steam client service by right-clicking.”
  4. Right-click and select “properties.” properties
  5. Finally, in the Properties menu, choose the “startup type” to be “disabled,” and if the “service status” is “running,” stop it and click on OK.

Note: If this hinders the app’s performance, we encourage you to repeat and reset the settings.


These methods mentioned above would help you learn how to stop Steam from opening on startup on Windows 10.

If steam doesnt open on mac follow below steps

Method 5 Want To Stop Steam From Opening On Startup Then Disable It In The System Preferences

To ensure that Steam doesn’t open on your Mac, you can disable it in the system preferences, which will override any application’s default settings. To do so,

  1. Tap on the “Apple logo” and click “system preferences” to open it. system preferences
  2. Choose “users and groups” in the window and open it.
  3. At the end of the window, there will be a “lock icon.” Please select it and authenticate it with your password.
  4. After unlocking, go to “login items” and find “Steam.”open steam download
  5. Select “Steam” and click on the “minus” icon at the bottom.

And voilà! Problem solved. We hope the steps above help you have a more peaceful gaming experience and show you how to make Steam not open on startup.

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How do I stop Steam from auto-updating on startup?

How do I completely stop Steam from functioning on my PC?

If you want to stop Steam from running completely on your PC, go to the Task Manager in Windows, locate Steam, and press Force Quit. Alternatively, press Command+Option+Escape and hit Force Quit in the options on a Mac.

How do I stop Steam from scheduling its downloads and updates?

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By the end of the steps, you will be solving the nagging of stopping Steam from opening on startup or making it so Steam doesn’t open on startup. You will regain control of Steam regardless of your operating system! It will only open manually whenever you want it to. Furthermore, if you face any trouble, like the app doesn’t respond correctly or steam client bootstrapper doesn’t respond, you may want to reset the settings or provide Steam access to your device. You can now get back to downloading and playing your games whenever you want. Happy gaming! Moreover, we hope we have made your gaming experience more peaceful. You can now get back to downloading and playing your games whenever you want. Happy gaming!


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