Why Adblock Is Not Working On Twitch?

AdBlock for Google Chrome, Apple Safari (desktop and mobile), Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge is a free and open-source content filtering and ad-blocking browser extension. AdBlock enables the users to block the display of certain page elements, such as adverts. Other culprits include Chrome’s Network Service, the web browser player, an Adblock extension’s filter setting that isn’t appropriate, browser issues, and browser extension issues. This article discusses the reasons behind why adblock is not working on twitch.

Browser extensions that block or alter online advertising in a web browser or application are known as adblocking browser extensions. These add-ons occasionally fail to filter Twitch adverts since Twitch has integrated the ad right into the stream, because these ads sometimes lead to not loading of Twitch on Chrome.


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Regrettably, not everyone had the same luck. Some users are reporting that AdBlock isn’t working on Twitch, and they cannot avoid adverts on Twitch due to this issue, despite having the Ad Block add-on installed on their browser.

So, if your AdBlock add-on isn’t blocking advertising while you’re watching Twitch streaming and you want to solve it, you should read this article. Take a look at the reasons why AdBlock isn’t working on Twitch before jumping right into the remedies.

Why Isn’t My AdBlock Working On Twitch?

  1. Using an out-of-date adblocking add-on
  2. AdBlock can cause conflicts with other browser add-ons if the settings aren’t correctly set up.
  3. Twitch’s AdBlock filters aren’t set up correctly.

How to Fix AdBlock Not Working on Twitch?

Below are some of the methods to Fix AdBlock Not Working on Twitch.

Solution 1: Change Your Browser

The first and most straightforward solution to AdBlock not functioning on Twitch is to use a different browser. It’s possible that the AdBlock plug-in isn’t compatible with your current browser.

change your browser

Instead, trying a different browser can help you figure out whether your browser is the problem or whether something else is. If the problem occurs in other browsers, you should try the other suggested alternatives.

Solution 2: Update The AdBlock Extension

You may have this problem if you haven’t updated your AdBlock plug-in in a long time. Because we all know how quickly technology advances, all programmers, software, and extensions are updated regularly, and new features are added to provide the most excellent possible experience to their users.

On the other hand, some extensions update automatically, while others do not. As a result, likely, the Blocker extension isn’t automatically updating. If this is the case, you will need to update the extension manually.

Follow the procedures below to update the AdBlock add-on in Chrome:

  1. On your computer, start Google Chrome.
  2. Click the three vertical dots.
  3. More Tools > Extensions is where you’ll find it.
  4. Enable Developer Mode on the Extension page.developer mode on
  5. Select Update from the drop-down menu.click on update (fix adblock is not working on twitch)
  6. All extensions will now be updated.
  7. Restart the browser if necessary.
  8. Now open Twitch and see if AdBlock is working there.

Solution 3: Change the Advanced Settings in Chrome

The Network Service option in Chrome is responsible for executing several processes, and if the Twitch AdBlock extension is unable to reach this service, it may cease to function.

In this situation, you’ll need to make some adjustments to Chrome’s advanced settings to allow the AdBlocking extension to access this service.

To do so, take the following steps:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Enter this in the address bar and click Enter:
  3. Search Flags box, type Network service.network service
  4. Now, turn off the following settings:
  5. Activate the network service.
  6. Runs a network service in the background.
  7. With a network service, a data reduction proxy is available.activate the network service
  8. To save the modifications you’ve just made, click the prelaunch button.
  9. Restart your browser.
  10. Check if the AdBlock not working on the Twitch problem has been repaired.

Solution 4: Play Around With The AdBlock Extension’s Settings

Most Adblock add-ons begin blocking Twitch advertisements installed in the browser. However, some extensions require a few changes to their settings before they function. You may need to enable some settings if your AdBlock add-on is one of them. For the sake of illustration, I’ll use Chrome as an example:

  1. Google Chrome should now be opengoogle
  2. Next to the address bar, click the AdBlock button.click adblock (fix adblock is not working on twitch)
  3. Select the Enable concealing of Streaming Ads on Twitch option under the General menu.

Solution 5: Fix AdBlock Not Working on Twitch By Using Filters

 The AdBlock plug-in has several filters, including an allowlist, a custom list, and a blocklist. You can either manually add these lists or use online lists. You can add the Twitch advertisements stream to the extension’s blocklist to prevent Twitch from showing adverts.

Follow these steps to put this trick into action:

  • Click on the AdBlock plug-in on Google Chrome.
  • To access the extension’s Settings page, click the Gear symbol.adblock settings
  • Select the Customize tab.select the customize tab
  • Next to the Manually Edit Your Filters option, click the Edit button.manually edit your filters (fix adblock is not working on twitch)
  • Now see if this fixes the AdBlock not functioning on Twitch problem.

Solution 6: Make Use of An Emulator

When you utilize Twitch’s browser version to stream, you’ll see adverts. So, if your AdBlock add-on isn’t working on Twitch and none of the alternatives works, you should try running it on a PC with an emulator.

emulator (fix adblock is not working on twitch)

The Twitch app may be launched on a PC using a variety of emulators. So, if you want to get rid of this problem for good, choose an emulator similar to Blue Stacks. Instead of using a PC or browser, you can install Twitch on an Android device.


In this article, you got to know Why AdBlock on Twitch Is Not Working and what are the methods to resolve this issue such that AdBlock works on Twitch.

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